BCH makes me an Independent Girl.

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3 years ago

To be a girl is not easy. Some people will just say that girls rely only with their man. That girls can't do other stuff what man can do.

I want to stop that kind of mindset of other people especially the oldies. Some oldies thought of things like that, that girls are only for the house and to take care of their husbands and children when married. That girls should tie their selves in the house taking care of the kids and no need to find a job cause their husband will be the one to make a living for them. I want to cut that tradition. I don't want to be a girl that live in that kind of tradition. I want to earn my own money.

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My father told me before when I was just a teenager, a high schooler, that I need to study and finish it for me not to live that kind of life. That if I want to have my own money when I get married, I need to finish study so that I can find a regular job and earn a regular wage of an employee. My father don't want me to be a dependent woman to the man I will marry in the future. That he said, it's better to have own money than just to wait to receive from husbands. In our country, not all in-laws will be happy with the wife of their son especially if the in-laws will talk about money and money. And that's what I am afraid for. I am praying that if ever , I get married, I hope my in-laws are kind and not that kind of people. But to prevent that to happen, I need to make myself diligent in earning my own money. Because in our country, almost the problems of marriage is because of the in-laws and wife not in good means about money. So, in order to prevent it from happening, I need to make myself diligent in having my own money.

Image 2: Father and daughter.

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When I graduated at college, all I think is to save money for my future but first, I will return my parents sacrifices even if they're not asking anything from me. My father told me it's not my obligations to return what they've done for me cause it's their responsibility. I am touched by their words and it motivates me to do my very best to have a work and permanent job for them. I want them to experience good life.

But when I graduate, I thought looking for a job is easy, I was wrong. Especially that after graduation, there was a pandemic happened so until now I am unemployed. After a year when I graduate, I heard about noise.cash and then about read.cash. It was the time that I earned BCH. In fact, I am already two months here since yesterday, yey. And with that two months, I can say that became an Independent woman. Independent in the sense that I don't need to ask from my parents money to buy load, personal things and I able to buy us foods.

My current earnings in my wallet.

With BCH, I able to dream things. I am imagining things for the future using BCH. I never thought that I able to earn while at home without using my degree, papers and licence. With BCH, I able to make my parents smile. They can't believe that I able to give them things that a child can give only when working. But look at me, I able to support our family with BCH and aside from that I able to save for the future. Not in the bank of course cause I don't have any bank account, only my bitcoin.com and coinsph as my bank account. BCH is truly for all people.

Today, it's father's day. A day for all fathers in the world. And I already greeted my father. Since we don't have any bakery here, I wasn't able to buy him a cake. So, I thought of practical things. I withdraw some of my earnings in BCH even this time that BCH is low. I withdraw it and bought groceries and 1 sack of rice. I want them to be happy in my simple deed to them. At least, Papa will not buy rice for about 1 month for us. I want to celebrate today but city is far from our house and we don't have own motorcycle to go there. And if I do a commute, I will pay double for the fair, so I tell Papa sorry. He laugh and just said that it was fine. He even bow his head when he saw the one sack of rice and groceries I bought in the nearby store. This kind of celebrating for parents, make me sad sometimes cause we didn't able to experience to celebrate it. How I wish we able to celebrate it in the future.

Did a withdrawal about 3,000.00 Pesos.

Now that I am earning while at home, I don't need to ask from my parents for my needs. I wish that this platform will last long same with noise.cash. This is really a big help for me while I don't have work yet. I even plan to work here still even if I will have work in the future. I do plan to earn at least 1BCH and that is my goal now. For my family's good future. I hope God will hear me and grant my prayer.

How about you? Are you an independent woman? What makes you independent?

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3 years ago


Aww, how very sweet of you to buy the sack of rice and groceries. Being a parent, this deed pulls the string of my heart. That was so sweet.

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3 years ago

Thank you. I am just being practical that time. ☺️

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3 years ago