Aiah's Day 4-26-2021: Parents

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2 years ago

Everybody, hello! How was your day today? So, here I am again, writing what happened and been feeling today. Hope you will bear with me still. Lol.

Anyway, this one is just a thought of mine. Things coming into my mind and just want to jot it out here.

A not so special morning for me.

I went to the kitchen to have breakfast. I saw my Mom, putting the used clothes into the basin because she said she'll do laundry. I saw it so many. She's going to wash her clothes, my father's and my niece's clothes. She doesn't like to have more clothes to wash but this day, I saw it more than I expect.

She said to have breakfast already so that I will not get hungry. My siblings still sleeping, it was already 7:30 in the morning.

I was eating breakfast so early when my father went to the kitchen to get his lunch box. I saw him put his things on his backpack and inside his sack were his tools for carpentry. I asked him who's with him on his work. He said that it was the pare. I just nod and bid goodbye. I told him to take care.

He will just walk to his work in the next barangay. Since I was a child he's just walking to his work. Even how far the house he needs to work. I felt pity for my parents, they're sacrificing so much.

I wish to have work now but sad that we are now in a pandemic state so I will not be able to work. I would like to try a call center agent but the signal and internet here in our province are not stable. So, I did look for platforms that will help me earn even 2$ a day. Fortunately, I found noisecash and read. cash. I am so blessed I found these two legit platforms. I can earn more than I expect.

Though, I don't have free tips on noise because I was in QR code mode. Sometimes, other users may able to tip me but almost they can't unless they used a QR code. So, I am working more here in I am lucky since the robot always visits my article. I can earn here about 6$-7$ a day. It depends on how much the robot will give me.

My earnings help me a lot since I can give my parents my earnings for our needs. I plan to save some for my future cause I know that BCH will increase its price. So, sometimes I only withdraw some of my earnings for us to buy our needs and some I save to my bitcoin wallet.

I plan to earn and save more because I want to buy my Mama a washing machine and my Papa a motorcycle. I know, it will be a long journey to save for that thing but I believe that someday I will be able to buy those for my parents.

I want to buy my Mom a washing machine because she's already old. I don't want to see her tired washing those clothes by hand anymore. Sometimes I helped her with washing clothes especially when she's not feeling well. I want her to have a break and enjoy. But I can't do anything because I can't lend her money to have fun for herself. I also want her to just stay at home and not go to our farm. I plan to give her money so that she can have a little piggery someday. That was her wish. To have a little business. She also wants to have a little sari-sari store but many of our neighbors have already a store so it's not a good idea.

For my father too, I want to buy him a motorcycle so that if he will go to his work, he doesn't need to walk miles to be there. He doesn't need to wake up early and not afraid to be late. I also want him to have a break and relax. If given, I want him to stop working as a construction worker or as a carpenter because he's already aged.

Seeing your parents tired from their work is so frustrating and painful. Sometimes I always talked to myself that I should find work. But how can I? My father won't allow me to go somewhere else nowadays because of a pandemic. He said that money can be earned and seen but a daughter cannot be earned easily. I was touched by his word because he cares. He told me that I can look for a job if things were fine. He said that I can work at home if I want. I want to have a tutee but some of the parents don't like to have tutors for their children because they also lack money. We're in the province so I understand their situation. I helped children here but not asking money in return. If the parents will give a little amount, I will accept it because I badly need money for our family. At least I can help my parents.

This whole day, I was just in my room. Thinking about what to do. I planned for things that I will do in the future that I can give return to my parents. Hoping my plans will be done in the future. The plan for my family.

This afternoon, my father arrived from work. I went to the kitchen and made him coffee to drink. I gave it to him and he looked for Mama. I told her that mama was in the room, having a nap because she's tired from doing laundry. My father just nods.

During our dinner, I looked at my parents. They are getting old. I can see their freckles and eye bags under their eyes. Tiredness can be seen in their eyes. I want to make those tired eyes gone on their faces. I want them to be happy and relaxed. I promise myself that I will someday. Someday, my parents will enjoy the life they deserve. Maybe not now but in the future.

I will also support my siblings studies so that we can help each other when our parents get older.

When they will get older I want them to be with me and I will be the one to take care of them. I will give them the life they want. I will make their dreams come true. I want to see happiness in their eyes. Yes, I have to see that happiness when I graduated from college and passed the exam, but I want to see them happy because at last, they're able to have time for themselves to relax and enjoy.

How I pray that to happen. I will not stop until I reach that goal of mine.

Hope that this earning BCH will also be the one reason for me to reach my goals. I claim it.

Hope you like my composition tonight. I just share with you my thought on how a to make return for my parents. Do you think I will be able to buy those for them? Well, I hope so. Someday I will.

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