Time is Gold

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3 years ago

Once upon a time a teacher asked his student if you have 86400 Rupees.If a Thief theft away your only 10 rupees and run away. What will you do?

Will you struggle to chase him to get back your 10 rupees?Are you will save your remaining money? 86390 and go your own way.

The student replied we ignore 10 rupees and save our remaining money.And will go forward.

Teacher said,your statement and observation is totally wrong.I observed that many people leave 86390 and go behind thier no value amount that was only 10 Rupees.

These amount actually are seconds in a day only for ten bad seconds we destroy our remaining 86390 seconds and destroy our whole happiness just for 10 seconds.

Ignore bad words and forgive everyone and spread happiness live happy stay happy.

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