Pride hath fall

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2 years ago

Once upon a time there lived a rabbit and tortoise in a Jungle both of them are very good friends, but the rabbit proud on his fast speed and often sometime he ashame tortoise on his Slow speed is said that you never do anything.

The rabbit always disappointed the tortoise ,tortoise also very disappointed.One day the tortoise said his friend to run a race with him and the winner will be the king.

the rabbit first laughed at the tortoise after that he accepted his challenge.They set a destination after that race started first the rabbit Run very fast and goes away from the sight of tortoise after sometime he thinks that the tortoise were lying behind why i not take some rest in the shadow of tree.

As he lying for rest, the tortoise come to his place and see the rabbit was sleeping under the tree. He silently pass through him and go to the destination set after that rabbit wakes up and see behind his are that there is no one he rapidly run away to the destination and found that the tortoise at the set destination. He ashamed himself and never hurt again him .

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