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Unemployment Problem

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2 years ago

Bismillah (beginning in the name of Almighty Allah). Good evening to all. Unemployment problem is the burning question in the world specially in Bangladesh at present time. In a nutshell, Unemployment problem stands for a person does not get job according to his or her competency. There have many reasons behind this problem. First of all, there have poor source of job sectors in this country as well as there have a huge number of population who are educated but don’t get job. Secondly, there have a lacking of proficient people in Bangladesh because people who are graduated or post graduated, they are not skilled. Thirdly, the current burning question (Corona pandemic) unemployment rate will be increasing because of this problem, economic growth has been interrupted.

But this problem should be controlled which is really necessary for a nation that is facing this mammoth problem. More and more entrepreneurs should be encouraged for new investment. Government should also take some crucial steps to control this problem.

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Wow... Great article for me... Thanks bro

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2 years ago