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Learning English

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2 years ago

Assalamu alaikum. And other religions take my cordial love.

How have you been? Alhamdulillah. I am pretty good.

Hope everything goes well.

In this post, I am going to share a conversion between two people about English spoken English.

Me: Assalamu alaikum. What's up?

He: Not bad nor good. And you?

Me: Alhamdulillah. Would you like to say something? Because your face show you want to say something.

He: Certainly. Being inspired by the speech of TED talks, I really feel talk like a native English. But...?

Me: That's sound good. What's your problem?

He: I am watch TED English spoken video from YouTube in which feel me better. By listening their speech It seems to me I can speak English fluently like them.

Me: What is TED talks?

He: It is an Indian spoken English YouTube channel where those persons who became successful from failure let them opportunity to expresses their emotions, hardworking, routine and point of to be success and motivation.

Me: I am glad to know about it. Would you see me one video which you like best from their channel?

He: Here it is.

Me: After watching I want to thank TED talks. They speak English fluently like a native English.

He: But I am fear of making mistake. On the other hand when I opened Mobile phone camera I feel disappointing and cannot utter English sentence.

That time I can speak English slowly in which make me crazy.

Me: In first time It would be happened. It's normal.

Try more and more every day. I hope you can speak English fluently.

He: Thank you dear. I will try my best.

Me: Best wishes to you. Allah Hafeez.

He: Same to you.

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Very nice post

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2 years ago