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Internet Speed of Nasa

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2 years ago

At the beginning of writing I would like to keep in mind our almighty creator who gives me write something before all of you.

I hopefully that your practice is doing excellent but from few days I couldn't Practice here properly because of low speed of network connect in my are.I don't know, are you facing this problem like me?

That's why I will scribe about this topic which is important for me because I am facing this problem everytime in my area.While I was putting comment in this group at that moment I saw this picture.At once I took that decision that I will pen regarding this topic.

Do you know?

The internet speed at NSA is 91GB per second.

Really it is quiet impossible for our country.Because NSA is a great denfency under America.So it is possible for America.

I don't know ,how speed is the internet of our country per second?

If anyone knows about this matter then notice me .I can learn about this topic.So I am waiting for knowing from your.

At the eleventh hour I will say really it is an quite curious question for me.It I'd high time to finish my writing.

Speak to you soon.

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