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2 years ago

Depression makes you psycho😱

Assalaamu alaikum my all group mates how are you all??

When someone fall in misery and when he /she is not able to control it anymore that time he /she fall into depression.

Symptom of depression -

They have no interest in any enjoyable activities, increase or decrease their appetite, suffer insomnia or hypersomnia,their movement become show, they have no energy, they feel guilty or worthless and feel suicidal. Day by day it's become a mental disease.

There are a lot of psychiatrist who treats this type of disease.

By the way come to the point.

Like others I am also face this problem, now I'm telling you whom make I psychiatrist??

Allah said in his Quran," In verily, with hardship, there is relief. "

My hardest time ,I share my sorrows with ALLAH frankly he gives me relief alhamdulillah.

When I cry then Allah says " indeed, after hardship comes relief "

This two verses change my mind.

And make me strong in my difficult situation.

Okay my friends.... No more now I will be back in front of you with my another different post.

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