Living with non-christian spouse

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2 years ago

The marriage relationship has its unique challenges.but marriage in which one person believes in the Lord Jesus Christ and the other doesn't, the challenges they face is very difficult,expectialy if the non -christian spouse is antagonistic to the Christian faith.

At some levels there is joyful identity between the believer and the non-believer (spouse) common interests and hobbies,share projects,love of family.but there are some deep spiritual levels at which the God given identity and perspective of the Christian renders complete oneness and hamony with the non-christian impossible, apostle Paul discribes the believers mindset as incompatible with the non-believer's mindset,as imposible to join together light and darkness

Maintaining peace in the marriage should be a deliberate goal, but sometimes despite all efforts made by the Christian peace is not possible.

Which option will best preserve peace in our marriages and homes while at the same time being consistent with our identity as a children of God,may HE give us understanding.

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@Agneta, much love

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Well it will be so bad for me to cop with such people

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2 years ago