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Life is so beautiful when things are moving on smoothly for you,there comes a point in time that all seems to be going against you.

Life begins immediately you complete your first or second level in education, you now begin to draw plans on how your whole life is going to be.

An 18 years girl graduated from school but had nothing doing,on her way to the market,she met a young guy who befriended her,and from then they communicate for a long time,one thing led to the other and unfortunately the girl got pregnant, scared as she was, told the guy she wanted an abortion,the guy refused knowing what he has in mind,the girl went back home but her parents drove her out of the house,so she ended up staying with this guy.

This guy knowing that the girl was rejected by her parents started maltreating this girl, called her all sort of name,the future of this girl hmmm.

Won't it be ok if the parents of this girl especially her mom,will have sat her down talk to her,do you think this guy would have belittled her? No,life is very difficult if you don't have confidants,get closer to people who are always sad you may not know what is going on in their life.

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Life is difficult but we must work hard in our life to achieve success

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