Have you given up on prayer?

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2 years ago

1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing.

The most painful aspect of the Christian life is when you feel your prayers are just hitting the ceiling and returning to you. In other words, you feel your prayers are not being answered. This feeling is normal when you are frustrated and you want a quick solution to your problem or challenge.

Dearly beloved, have you given up on prayer? Even though you may feel your prayer is not being answered, don’t give up on prayer. First of all, know that it is a feeling from the devil and his demons to make you give up on prayer (Matthew 26:41).

Secondly, if truly your prayer is not being answered, then you are living in doubt (James 1:6–7). Finally, if truly your prayer is not being answered, then you are not praying according to the Word of God (James 4:3). Beloved, you can overcome this feeling by rebuking the feeling and the devil or demons behind it.

In addition, declare words of faith by saying, for example, “Thank you, Jesus Christ, for rewarding my faith, glory to God!” and burst into thanksgiving and rejoicing. Finally, pray on the basis of the Holy Scriptures, and let them be the evidence of your faith. Having the right motive for your prayers, your faith will be rewarded physically.

Remember that any time you pray correctly, God will initiate the process spiritually for the answer to manifest physically, so be patient. Write the prayers down so that you can easily recognize their answers and give glory to God. The more you give glory to God for answered prayers, the happier He will be to do more for you. HALLELUJAH! *KEEP PRAYING!*

God bless us all and thanks for reading, it's still @Agneta. Much love

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