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2 years ago

Hello there! Since I was new in here, I would like to introduce myself first. I am Agnes P. Abecia, a 24 year old lady, and in-a-relationship to Jan Claude. I do really love singing so much! I cant make a day without singing and I enjoy it because it makes me stress free. I have five brothers and two sisters, in short I have a big family and it is really bad having many family members especially my parents were not financially stable. But to be honest, because of that I feel like I was incomplete. All my life, I havent get the attention of parents like what others have. I also get confused, distract and feel insecure. I have too many questions about life though I am going to church every sunday. I even made myself a singer on the church but everything was still incomplete. I didnt know what I really want to. Im pressured rather. Thinking of my current situation was a bit hard. Among my siblings, I am still the one who finished school and yet I dont have stable job and I dont know what my life in the future. what will happen to my parents when they get old? my little siblings? me? will I still remain being poor and doubtful? or maybe I shouldnt be in this world full of struggles.

Please help me God.

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Never give up yourself to anyone anywhere anyways.Allah will help you sure just keep patience and do hard work.Nice to meet with you.

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2 years ago

Don't give up. God has plans for you :)

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2 years ago