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Don't want to lose on trade?

In BingX platform there is someone that was reliable to follow and copy his trade where you will surely win a profit as long you put an eligible and sufficient fund in your account (lowest of 20 USDT).

The trader I will introduce to you to follow is had a 80% above of winning rate in his trade strategy which is also had a 10-20% of risk being lose but at maximum of 25% of your margin capital assets.

And to ensure that your profiting and not losing you should better to prepare atleast lowest of 20 USDT and maximum of 500 USDT where you will set your copy trade as followed :

Copy Margin set will be equal to the 5 % of total USDT you had example if you had over 200 USDT then you will set your Copy margin in 10 USDT due to the reason of the trader who you will copy is opening a position in market mostly multiple position at a time. it sometimes reach about 20 to 30 order position a week or month. He keep open it until it reach the profitable rate of trade.

Here is his profile so you can check and research if he is really a reliable trader to be copied.

MarcoReus of BingX.

This trader is already a silver profile trader on BingX Copy trade features which is member since April 06 2020.

As you can see above pictures He already accumulated a 62,300 USDT with a record of +431.96% ROI with in his 180 days profile only. while his 13,922 followers which is copied him had already accumulated a total of 1,283,999 USDT.

If you still doubt this trader and want a fact of data you can copy him first using the VST (Virtual Usdt) account of your in BingX since BingX is offering a trial virtual account on futures and copy trading.

There is a total of 100,000 VST available for you to use as a trial assets for either Copy trade or Future trades. Take note the VST is don't have any value in market. it exclusive product of the BingX which is use by verified user to try out the future trade and copy trade.

this way you can learn if you really gonna profit in your action by following or copy the trader you are trying to copy.

anyway before you decide to copy a trader make sure your account is verified so you are open in all aspects and features that was offered by the platform.

So what are you waiting for click his profile and registered then research it using the free VST account and if you already prove that it was profitable then start your real earning by depositing a USDT anyway for successful profitable copy trade you should start from minimum of total assets funds of 20 USDT and Copy this trader by minimum of 2 USDT. or for much better result Start with a total of 200 USDT and set your copy trade margin at 10 -20 USDT.

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