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What is Sistemkoin ?

Sistemkoin is a Turkish exchange site and apps for multi cryptocurrency that you could found there. it much usable as wallet to save your non-famous token, there is almost 210+ token is listed here see on below. It also much easier to do some trade here since there is much more choice of pair you can do here there is few category you can choose to trade from BTC, USDT, ETH. and the system is also undergoing in improvement more.

cryptocurrency listed in sistemkoin

fiat currency = TRY Turkish Lira EUR Euro USD US Dollar

BTC Bitcoin TRX tron MTC Token MWAT Restart Energy

ETH Ethereum BEN Bitcoen MEDIC MedicCoin NGC NAGA

XRP Ripple WRC Worldcore HBZ Helbiz Coin YLD Yield Coin

LTC Litecoin USDT ThetherUS PIRL Pirl XVG Verge

DOGE Dogecoin GRS Groestlcoin BBC B2Bcoin ABYSS Abyss Token

BTG Bitcoin Gold SYS Syscoin TPAY TokenPay HKY Hicky

BCH Bitcoin Cash WPR WePower CVN CVCoin ACT Achain

ZEC Zcash BTW BitWhite VIO Viome DEEX Deex

DGB Digibyte DRG Dragon BEZ Bezop XET Eternal Token

XLM Stellar LNC BlockLancer HTML Htmlcoin XGOX XGOX

PAC PAC Global MRI Mirai VEX Vexanium GLM Golem

VET VeChain DASH DASH NCC NeuroChain XCCZ Circle Coin

CBC Cashbery Coin FIRO Firo NTY Nexty ZEN Horizen

NPXS Pundi X GXX GravityCoin OOT Utrum WIRE AirWire

USC USDCoin STQ Storiqa BZX Bitcoin Zero CLO Callisto Network

WAVES Waves CLB CLBCoin TOL Tolar LGS LogisCoin

ETN Electroneum SWL Swiftlance OMG OMG Network MKR Maker

ZRX Ox BAT Basic Attention AE Aeternity ZIL ziliqa

HERC Hercules STK STK Coin DAI DAI AGVC AgaveCoin

SCR Scorum Coins IGG IG Gold LIPS Lipchain FORK Gastro Advisor

HOT Holo TWS Energy27 MNC MainCoin HET HavEtherToken

ONT Ontology BSV Bitcoin SV GBX GoByte CCX Conceal.Network

BTT Bittorent TRM Tranium QUSD QUSD KUE kuende Token


BITG BitGreen EXO Exosis SINS SafeInsure TMC TimiCoin

BRAVO BtavoCoin XRC xRhodium ONG ONG MPG MAx property group

TGN TerraGreen LAAR LaariCoin ANKR Ankr Network BCZ Bitcoin CZ

CBEX CBEX ETHPLO ETHplode OXY2 CryptoOxygen QBIT Qubitiqa

SRX Solarex UPC Unimpededcoin W12 W12 NEO NEO

ADMN Adioman CMM COmmercium MBC Mobacoin CDZC CryptoDezireCash

QC Qovar Coin QPY Qpay SLO slothee WVR Weave

ADA Cardano XLMG Stellar Gold HELP Help Token V4u Venezuela4u

EVY EveryCoin SET Serenity YOUR YOUR Token BTCP Bitcoin Private

INX InziderX MXG Moozicore ELT ELementar Coin ECPN ECPN Token

BTS Bitshares BELL BeLL Platform LINK Chainlink TUSD TrueUSD

PAX Paxos OSX OSX technology USDC USD Coin HUSL The Hustle App


IZC iZiCoin APL apollo currency BYGB Byte Global BRZE Breezecoin


GLB Globoni Coin FUNTO Funny Token BTCWH Bitcoin Wheelchair

CHZ Chiliz HTU Hawkkit Hub FLT Flit Token PGPAY Puregold


SPOT Cryptospot KAM BitKAM USDA USDA Token BTCV BitcoinV

BNANA Chimpion DBY dobuy EER EthereumRush BEATS BEATS

VRS Veros CEL Celsius XT ExtStock VTHO VeThor Token

BULL BuySell Coin GCX GermanCoin BNB Binance Coin XTZ Tezos

SOLO Sologenic GLEEC GLEEC ERK Eureka Coin CRO Coin

WRX WazirX Token CODEO Codeo ERG Ergo HEB Heisenberg Token

ICH IdeaChain ZPAE ZelaaPayAE SCN Silver Coin COCOS Coco-BCX

SRK SparkPoint STAMP safepost JOB Jobchain AEG EmpressGold

YFI GOT Games Of Tron EGLD Elrond EOC Everyonescrypto

SFR Safari DGP DGPayment VITE Vite T20 T20 Defi


As you can see above list of token and cryptocurrency there is a lot of choice to invest some of your money or do a trade pairs to make profit since its easy to use the function of trade of this system.


First find your pair or suitable pair for your fund balance since there is some little restriction on some pair like if you do a trade using USDT category you must need to fill the require amounts for each trade you do you must have over 0.001 BTC amount if you like to do a trade from BTC/USDT or BTC/ETH. while the pair trade of BTC/LTC there is no such required amounts need to do to make a transaction trade.

to make a successful trade in sistemkoin you must first check and observe the market flow inside the system like pick the 2 to 5 cryptocurrency and observe there volatility movement of there price then make it pair it make sure your 2 pair must be uncorrelated not above -50% or correlated not above 30% so you could do a rotational trade for your pair example your pair is BTC/LTC buy the LTC at the price of 0.00361 BTC and sell your LTC at price above 0.00361 like sell it at 0.00377 BTC make sure your price is not much difference over 25% for fast transaction or else you will lose big because sometimes there is such big dump happening where your to sell is unacceptable due to over distance from market value. see example on picture below.

Is there requirements in withdrawal?

since we are talking about money and cryptocurrency of course we first ask how to withdraw the funds we accumulated inside the system so ill be honest to you the sistemkoin is strictly in withdrawal which you must need to be verified user first before you could request a withdraw or before it shows the withdraw pages. it also required a require amount before you could transfer your cryptocurrency or withdraw it. see the below of proof of my withdrawal.

Is our fund Secure?

Of course it was secured, and it mostly safe more than others since once you use sistemkoin only the owner of account is mostly had access on everything since every time you log once you change an IP Address the system will send you a verification access through the email you used to registered that why you better not use your password on your email here so if ever someone get an access on your account here you can control it using your email.

Trading Fees

0.20% trading fee is charged for all transactions.

However, if there are STK in your account, trading fees will be automatically deducted from your STK balance.

You do not pay trading fees with an adequate amount of STK.

General User less than 500 STK 0% Discount 0% Discount

Level 1 greater than 500 STK 50% Discount 50% Discount

Level 2 greater than 2500 STK 75% Discount 75% Discount

Level 3 greater than 5000 STK 85% Discount 85% Discount

Level 4 greater than 10000 STK 100% Discount 100% Discount

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