Real WORTH & VALUE of the crypto technology

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Why the government shouldn't ignore the blockchain technology of cryptography currency or digital asset project.

Let me open your eyes and mind for what is the real WORTH & VALUE of the digital currency or cyrpto currency. To get understand and revaluate the worth and importance of the crypto in society or country lets start to get to know it well first.


Blockchain technology 

A system network of an advance database mechanism that transparently allow the sharing of information w/in a business network. It stores a data thru block w/c linked in chain that cannot modify or delete w/o consensus from the network due to the fat of being a data that was chronologically consistent.

The most and top successful project of the blockchain technology that release was made from 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto which is all known as Bitcoin (BTC) the father of all crypto currency.

The blockchain or cryptography currency technology is not just simple technology and project. this technology can hold a lot of importance and meaning that's what all we already known that's why it value is worth to check and revaluate.

Evaluation of the crypto currency

For Individual the technology is means of

  • investing

  • saving money

  • decentralized monetary

  • cross boarding asset

  • easy to transact

while for the private organization and business it was means of having an opportunity to:

  • be worldwide known for your service and product

  • have lure a massive funds thru investor

  • increase your sales and profit internationally

  • have a chance to partnership on bigger,powerful and influenced company over the world.

  • create a network of business opportunity

Even those potential of growth and benefits is already clear shown by the technology some government still doubting on it due to there mindset of that it has a big risk of weak security and hard to implement the law for it.

But let me say this the technology has a big worth of value more not in individual or private organization but it beneficially more worth of value in government agency and economy. the reason for it is the following

  • The government had a chance to earn more funds and improve its economic and program budgeting due to :

a. The technology is easy to use and familiarized which could use for online transaction for the government service.

b. The earning of all private organization and business could grow a lot since its service and product will less fee due to indirect transaction which the technology can abide.

c. tax reformation for individual is possible.

d. the technology can emphasized and optimized the transaction from any long distance transaction either locally or international.

e. It can promote the national or local government internationally.

So if only the government is fully supporting it and improve its security rather than discriminate before it use the potential growth of an economy is not far enough to realized. The biggest example of this scenario is China where the country take the opportunity and adapt it mass which is now visible to any nation that there country is already growing economically and influenced.

Honestly to say that Crypto currency is a pie in world economic which who grasp it can potentially influenced all the nations thru holding its finance.

CHAPTER I - Origin of crypto

As we all know that the crypto was born first on year 2009 which is invented by hidden personality known as Satoshi Nakamoto which is worldwide known as Bitcoin Network (BTC). originally it was invented on october 2008 by only officially release on year in 2009. which the first person to have first to receive bitcoin was Hal Finney which the transaction is made to buy pizza. The original purposed of the token is to be a peer to peer way of transaction. but bow the bitcoin is treated as proof of assets rather than digital coin due to it preciousness and being a center of all crypto currency. The crypto is continue developing in all different way of project which is the fact for birth of thousands kind of crypto over the world.

So as of now that was the value means of crypto and origin. but did you ever ask yourself if that was the real worth of crypto? If we look carefully the evidence is already showing which is crypto is made to dominate the world finance and control the economy.

here are some question for you to get the idea why I said that.

1st question since most powerful nation is against the Bitcoin why its still in top and why Satoshi Nakamoto still unknown since it can reveal by some powerful agency that had ability to do it?

The answer is Satoshi Nakamoto is already become part of powerful nation government organization or from the start it was already part so the BTC is already a pie that hold by the influenced powerful nation which is supporting it hidden so it keep in top and the value not going to drop.

2nd question what project and its origin was already on top. and look carefully the result of answer and you'll see that there is only 2 or 3 nation is competing on being top.

CHAPTER II Top project and its origin

  1. Bitcoin (BTC) is a peer to peer blockchain transaction that was release on year 2009 and now treated as the father of all crypto which all the value of crypto is centered by the price movement of BTC.

  2. Ethereum (ETH) a middleman token that validating all the new release project that registering here. it proofs the value of a new token in world trade market.

  3. Theter (USDT) a stable coin to use as governance by most top exchanges in world which is valuing the worth of the supply of funds of a token.

  4. BNB (BNB) a governance token that was use by the top exchanges Binance.

  5. USDcoin(USDC) An alternative stable coin that was based on the Fiat currency of USD.

CHAPTER III - Top Platform exchanges for crypto


  • Founded by Changpeng Zhao a Chinese-canadian business executives.

  • Founded on July 2017

  • A global exchanges platforms except for the US region.


  • Founded by Brian Armstrong

  • Founded on 2012

  • Based on San Francisco, California


  • Founded on July 28 2011

  • Owned by payward Inc

  • based on San Francisco, California


  • Officially launched on September 15 2017

  • Founded On 2013

  • Founded by Michael Gan, Eric Don, Top La, Kent Li, John Lee, Jack Zhu, Linda Li

  • base on Victoria Seychelles

CHAPTER IV - The real organization behind the crypto

As we know those crypto is originated and founded by private organization or individual personality but if we really look carefully the detail all crypto currency and project is released by different powerful country which is just develop by private organization or individual programmer but in truth it was pre plan by the Government to encounter or compete on the world market to reduce the influence of other side while improve there own influence in world market.

The Crypto currency right now is the newest way of competing the value of the economic of the state.

What is my evidence for this fact? you say?

First look and do your own research on the top project crypto which nation was originated it. second and is look the top exchanges company if where they belong. and you'll realized that all of it was from top competitor nation which is had biggest enough influence since even before the crypto born.

Chapter V - Conclusion

In my opinion in reality the real WORTH & VALUE of the Cryptocurrency or blockchain technology is beyond your imagination which is the following:

  • It was the new generation and form of the world finance

  • Its a new way of competition of top country over the world on domination

  • It can decide the faith of a country via economic and international relation

  • It can evaluate the brand product and service of some private and government sector

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