My Life become better because of BCH

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2 years ago

This Article is only my way for appreciation with BCH network.

If you guys is looking for good investment then don't look anymore because here in and you already see the best crypto currency ever that you could found in crypto space and that is the Bitcoin Cash (BCH). even you try to ask anyone that was been decade in crypto space you will start to notice that every crypto enthusiast in the world is had a BCH in there portfolio due to the fact that BCH is too flexible and more affordable in the crypto space. and youll hit the bonus if the BCH gain momentum in the market where you can gain atleast some profit while stocking some of it.

as you can see above the BCH is already on 90% circulating supply which is about 18,809,225 BCH on this stats as crypto enthusiast you will know that it already in momentum a few more push and it will hit the maximum supply of 21,000,000 BCH which is the trigger to make the Network be more valuable in future. compare to other familiar crypto currency where it already in high price and unaffordable already because of some reason such as

  • High fee

    you will start to doubt to move some of your coin into another place since the fee is getting you hurt and it will also block your potential of making more profit since there is sometimes that there is a place which is better to trade your holdings where you can gain much more profit in your present place of trade. It also reason for the word " high fee is make you had low option".

  • high price

    as a new investor or trader you will always start to check the price if the crypto currency is affordable to your badget so having a high price is a no go for you for sure. also having already a high price is giving you such risk on your investing since the crypto currency is world wide know to have a volatile movement. This is one of the biggest disadvantage of every crypto because most of the mind of investor is when it already in high price its time to sell which is a big factor of panic in market.

  • little potential of profit due to affordable increase of value since its already at high price

    well as you know in the market if you notice every crypto currency only move a little for every project they successfully launch and there is only a few handle crypto currency that move increase alot in just one succesfull project launch but it also decrease alot since some investor going to pull out there investment once they see there profit already reach over 40% this is one of the biggest factor why there is some market panic every time there is surge.

  • minimal time of succesful transaction is getting in the way

    the risk of losing some big profit due to late transfer is the most explaination once the crypto currency is having a longer time of process before it will succesful transact and as investor and profit hunter you may consider this as one of the biggest factor to do your trade and investing

That Four reason above is not a problem with Bitcoin Cash Network since it move steady little by little every month which is giving most of the BCH holder to gain a flexible portfolio it only moving backward sometimes because of some doubt and panic market but if you notice it. every time there is such movement backward in the price of this crypto in market it never reach on the lowest price at the starting price market on the first day of the month which is a big advantages for every Holder the biggest reason of this is the user of BCH network is much more reliable and steady holder since the crypto currency is much more advantage to use in any transaction rather than in trade and investing or let it say most of the project of this Bitcoin Cash Network is successfully steady and moving forward. the biggest example of the Bitcoin cash project is the platform where you are reading this article. as you can see and is gaining a standings already in world of blog and online. you also see all the prominent user of BCH is here in and where they keep 100% support the Project to keep the BCH gain a more steady standings in the world market.

For this reason lets thank them since we get more advantages since there support on the network is giving our most beloved coin BCH to be more stable and had a high probability to move forward rather than moving backward.

Thank you very much to all of you BCH supporter because of you my Life become more easy since this crypto coin is the best and already become my most reliable currency and profitable investment. Mostly thank @MarcDeMesel which is the most top prominent user and supporter of the BCH.

Only your support in BCH sir is already the biggest factor of the BCH improvent and giving the stable moving forward of this network and because of it you directly and indirectly helping more crypto enthusiast to had a good life.

also thanks to miss @Ellie you are giving more encouragement for more bch users at the same time you are keeping those good authors here to be more active.

For all new user and crypto enthusiast I will say it one more time You dont need to look anymore because what you are looking is already in your front that is the Bitcoin Cash Network. it much easier to transact and do bussiness with it. It also give you alot of choice to improve your portfolio and your life will become much more steady improving and become more easy in BCH. just support it till the end since there is no lost on it.

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You are right! The best way of investment is BCH. Although I have a long way to go because I am new here. But I have set goal and I will follow it. Thanks for sharing this informative article

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