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I want to share to all readers the BEST way to accumulate profit way of trade.

You will not only accumulate a massive profit but also get started to learn and build up your own strategy in futures.

Most of non-enthusiast and beginner in crypto space is wondering which is better move to trade or to invest?

well for me the answer is simple it same in a different way. it same due to fact that it same giving a chance of profit and risk. while it different in a way of how they improve your financial status and gaining profit.


Cryptocurrency trade is a type of trading in space of world communication of internet thru the world newest technology which is called blockchain that was started to develop in year 2008 and introduce by anonymous organization or individual Satoshi Nakamoto via $BTC Bitcoin. It said that the first trade happen in crypto space was on January 12 2009 where Finney download the bitcoin software and get receive a 10 bitcoin from Nakamoto. on the year passed the blockchain technology was started to get a fame in different nation and region in the world due to the fact that it was much easier to do an international and long distance transaction thru this technology. At first the technology introduce as decentralized system but on passing of time some private organization and Central bank of a country started to develop there own blockchain technology and devised it as centralized to stop the colonization of different crypto currency. due to this reason the CRYPTO TRADE was already spreading and introduced in world market.

Crypto Trade was a high volatility type of product since every Token and cryptocurrency was moving in fast phase. the price value of each was decreasing and increasing in just a matter of time that's why most of trader was starting to move in this kind of trade. for the reason of fast and had a big chance of successful profit. it also a wide variety of choice of pairing in trade you can choose.


STEP 1. Look for Reliable broker or apps that was dealing in cryptocurrency.

To get to know if your choice broker or apps is reliable you must need check this factor if its meets.

TRUSTED and already had a proof of existence in world market.

With reliable security service.

With variety of pairing choice.

Available in your region.

STEP 2. Look for Reliable community or group that sharing some insight, news and

update in Different crypto currency.

For successful profit in your trade in crypto currency you must have a knowledge or good information which product will you trade for in specific time. thats why its important to look a group or community that was reliable in sharing news & update in different kind of cryptocurrency. the Community or group will be reliable once the factor below is meet.

Members is actively showing a crypto news

Members is actively sharing there opinion on market price

Members is sharing each of rumors, news and project of the crypto in there community

STEP 3. Prepare an enough funds to equip your trade.

Must have a funds for at least three kinds of pairings trade.

Must have enough emergency funds as back up.

Must have enough vacant funds for the instant news or insight

STEP 4. Have A Manager book list

Plan your portfolio

List your 30 days profit and create a budget list.

Keep only the funds you need in a month and save the others in your bank account

STEP 5. Research your Strategy in trade

Look for trade strategy that was suit your taste and time.

Crypto Trade had a high potential of good profit in just minimal time but with a high risk of loss too. It can double, triple or 10x your funds in just a few trades.


Cryptocurrency investment is a type of CRYPTO project where you will keep or buy a stock of the cryptocurrency then gain an Return of Investment (ROI) in Specific time and funding the project. Since The Value of the cryptocurrency is improving by enhancing the demand of the supply in the market the Investing and supporting the cryptocurrency.

On investing you will acquire a profit on time of APY (Annual Percentage Yield) which is depend on the rate of the ROI(Return of Investment) per APY of the project you will also get a bonus profit once the token or crypto you invest will Increase its value in world market after your purchase price.

What is APY?

APY is the actual rate of return that will be earned in one year if the interest is compounded.

Compound interest is added periodically to the total invested, increasing the balance. That means each interest payment will be larger, based on the higher balance.

The more often interest is compounded, the higher the rate will be.

On Investing you had 2 types of ROI can accumulate at the same time.

First one is the project rate of interest per required time on Annual Percentage Yield (APY). which some of company or apps will required you to put a minimum amount of the token and keep only there or lock it in for required times to earn the APY Interest.

Example Johnny brought a 10 $AXS and start to stake it on March 1 2022 for 90days in Binance Savings where it can accumulate about 120% APY for 90days period of stake so when it mature on may 30 2022 it will earn a 2.975922 $AXS. so In may 30 2022 Jhonny will have a total of 12.975922 $AXS.

Second one is the Profit accumulated from Token Market Value.

since the Market Value of every products is changing from time to time there is a chance that your accumulated token will gain momentum and increase its value where you will earn a profit.

Example you buy a 1000 $BCH on the price of $109.17 on month of June 2022 which is the total money you spend and invested on it will be equally to $109,170.00 + network fee which we will say about 100$ so it will total of $109,270.00. and the value of $BCH on month of July will pump to $123.25 then your 1000 $BCH that time will be equally on $123,250.00 which once you already sell it in market you'll already accumulate a profit at estimated of $13,000+ in just a month.

So In other words on Investing you had a chance to accumulate a big profit from 2 way at the same time you just only need to do is buy the right product and stake it on good time.

WHICH IS Better To trade or to Invest?

  • Trade is better if you are good in strategy and know how to read the world market price.

  • Investment is better if you are looking on stable income.

  • Trade is good for you if you are capable of news and rumors gathering.

  • Investment is good for you if you are capable to get a good result of researching about the product.

Copy Trade

From my few weeks of trading I already accumulate at least over 50% of my Investment capital without much effort since I only do a Copy Trade on the professional trader in platform. well to be honest you just only need a Capital for that sufficient for 10 - 30 trades since the all the user that you will copy will open a trade at least 5 -10 trades a day and to effectively gain profit you should at least follow or copy a 2 to 4 traders.

Each Copy trade can cost minimum of 2 USDT. so at least prepare a funds on your account about minimum of 60 USDT so you will not left behind once the trader you copy will open a 10 or above position in trade.

Also to let you get assured that the user you will follow is really had good strategy and profitable trades position and not a loser there is a visual token on the platform that you could use first to copy the trade to check her/his performance in a week. The token is available and free which is don't had a value in market.

As you can see above picture I already steady accumulating a profit by following and copying the trade of just 4 users in a month. and that's what they give result. If you are interest then registered already here.

or Scan this QR code to download the Platform that was offering the copy trade where some of best trader was in.

make sure you verified your account before you deposit so there will be no problem in your any transaction. and to complete your profitable experience I will share this 3 user which is never risking your capital and had a 99% of profiting it just you need to wait a longer time before you see the result sometimes it takes a week and sometimes it takes a month but the good thing is it never lose.

Trader 1

Fund this trader about 10-15 position trades so if you put a 10 USDT per copy then you must put atleast 100-150 USDT for this trader

Trader 2

This Trader is the most good one of all I copy since you can see your profit weekly and you just only need to reserve a 4 to 10 position funds here where if its 10USDT per trade then put atleast 40USDT upto 100 USDT

Trader 3

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I forgot to note that If you doubt the trader you are going to copy try copy him first using your VST (Visual USDT) account using 100 VST per trade and see if in a week you will multiply it in 2 or more the most effective trader was had a profit of 1000 VST in just 1 or 2 weeks or 3,000 plus VST in a if you are already see a trader that produce this profit in 100VST per trade then he/she is already an effective trader to copy to accumulate a Profit in real. using USDT start first in 5USDT per trade or 10 USDT with total of atleast 100-200 USDT in your account. and copy only 1 trader if your funds is only 100-200 USDT. once you double your Capital Funds then thats only the signal for you to follow or copy another trader just remind you keep a 100-200 USDT Capital to provide for each trader for the better effectiveness of your copy trade since each trader is opening a position atleast 3-10 trade position a week sometimes there is a trader that keep the position for a month for a better profit

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thanks for this info its really helpful for newbies like us in trade

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