Is Bitcoin CASH still worth to Invest this year 2023?

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1 year ago

Let's be honest that $BCH right now is getting behind from other Altcoin.

From Its 5th position in Top Cryptocurrency over the world market on year 2019 until 2020, It start to lose a weight in world market from year 2021 and now it was under its 28th position in world Top cryptocurrency.

The question now is there still a chance to recover its peak? Well if we look on technical and fundamental analytic data of the market movement of $BCH it will going to keep slowly down its price and value due to the fact that the most of investor is focusing there assets in new project and crypto for the reason of

"There is much more potential of big growth in new rather on those old product. "

also the psychology of Investor and Financial Analytic was favorably supporting those new release project thru there effort of promoting and influencing to encourage those old, either new and rookie to invest on the new project to ensure there profit due to the fact that once the new release project was mass adopted from the start it will essentially improve and grow fast which is good for those who invest first. and after a longer time once the market demand of that project is starting to slow moving there is a big chance that those influencer and investor that promote it will going to move on another new potential product and project since they already accumulate enough profits from being the first investor. by puling out there investment on the current product there will be a chance that it will trigger a massive bearish or setback on price due to the impact of there actions which highly triggering a market panic for that project and product.

Try to Imagine those factor and do your own research see if what I said is the truth or just my own idea.

That was one of the biggest reason why why some project and product get born and some get died instantly. this is the most unimaginable truth behind the Crypto market. unlike the Regular Stock market that was keeping its stand in the market because of the fundamental supports of the word "Consumer Demand" ,"Regular Service" and "limited Raw material Supply". The price movement of the Regular Stock is regularly stable growing rather than losing because of the product that it produce is starting to get acknowledge by either competitor , partner, client and consumer.

While the Crypto currency is only fundamental relying on Investor Funds and circulated supply. which its value will depend on how those investor and user action will be.

And the most biggest factor why the crypto currency could successfully stand to grow or instant loss its vale was the Supply market of its product is keeping minted and its slowly burned due to the reason of having alot of competitor and same burning process or purpose of consume, and service provided so the demand for it in market will slowly divided not only in two but rather it mostly divided in hundreds or thousand.

There is only few of crypto currency that was started to acknowledged by the world market consumer due to its unique way of service provide, product consuming, and being of first system network and technology on its purpose.

And according to the world survey that was occured before here are those project, product and network that has 80% to survive in world market circulation longer and started to be acknowledge as Regular consumable stock and get a chance to improve more.

I. Bitcoin (BTC)

  • release on year 2009 by pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto for the purpose of unlocking a borderless and electronic peer to peer transaction. its also goal to make the transfer money or assets and transaction will be much easier and transparently recorded.

  • and in past year its growth and potential was easily accumulated and discover by different private organization where they secretly use it to either hide there assets or use in borderless transaction which is less fee and faster moving of there assets without paying a big tax for each transaction.

  • On year 2015 the Bitcoin (BTC) was acknowledge as the father of cryptocurrency which is the reason of keeping it as Top 1 on market for crypto. each of new born token and coin was simply relying first on Bitcoin (BTC) before its started to get acknowledge on world market. On year 2018 the Bitcoin (BTC) was started to acknowledge as a new form of GOLD and assets. so from the beginning till now it keep being the top 1 crypto currency due to the fact that all new token and coin that was born and released was either first rely on it bitcoin (btc) to invest and get supported rather than using a fiat money which is the reason its value is keeping moving forward on its peak. all of crypto value was related on BTC, either the BTC was the one will give a good value for the new coin and token or it will pull it back on its lower price. The Top crypto currency that was mostly affected on Price movement of BTC was mostly the Main Network governance token such

a)the regulator and supporterof ERC20 token Etherium (ETH)

b)the regulator of supporter of TRC10 token Tron (TRX)

c) the governance token of Binance apps Binance Coin (BNB)

d) The major Altcoin such as Litecoin (LTC) Zcash (ZEC) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Dogecoin (Doge) Monero (ZRX)

e) The Native Coin of the major network such as Polygon (MATIC) Ripple (XRP) Fantom Opera (FTM) etc.

For this reason of correlation price movement in major and familiar project the position of Bitcoin (BTC) as number 1 and most popular will never fade due to the fact that once the Bitcoin will start to Loss its value most of either new or old coin will significantly affected and starting to loss too.

II. Ethereum (ETH)

Is the governance assets in the form of decentralized platform which is providing a code for money and a new kind of applications that was accessible and affordable under the support of ethereum which those project coin and token will be categorized as ERC20 token which is only possible to be transact via paying gas fee using Ethereum. So the new project will first get rely on ERC20 network for it all transaction until it reach its roadmap or started to owned developed block chain.

The Ethereum is validating and securing the promotion of new application and its network coin thru its own block chain. it give the rights for its client token to write a code for controlling money and build an application that was accessible and available anywhere in global.

So from its unique service which is the target of the platform are mostly merchant. which is become a reliable source for its client to improve there merchandise and create a circle of transaction not only on there region but accessible in any region that was open for its ethereum chain

If the bitcoin is acknowledge as father of crypto and a new form of gold as assets. then the Ethereum was acknowledge as new form of Oil which is a source of energy to run the establishment and factory that was manufacturing, producing and developing the raw materials to form a new product which is consumable and acquirable in the market once it supplied.

III. Ripple (XRP)

This crypto currency is different on others coin since it was decentralized governance token for a network but was fully supported and under a well known International Company. and its fully connected on different business industry where the goal of the project is to have a stabilized resource of fund, fast and acceptable engaging solution for your local business to do an instant payment and transaction. a real borderless transfer of assets and finance with a less and affordable fee for every and each of your transaction.

Ripple was exactly true to its roadmap where it keep its promise to settle the fee lower and affordable. where all those little and local business could keep to use the project to improve there business transaction which is already borderless and less fee. other business could raised there funds via accepting an investment for there business which is reachable over the world.

If The first 2 crypto was acknowledge as Gold and Oil then the Ripple is also could acknowledge as the new form of Bank which is dependable for all little business to improve there sales and service.

IV. Polygon (MATIC)

This project and network is already showing its potential and stability due to the fact that there is already over 6,000+ DAO and DApps which is registered and fundamentally relying and collaborating on the MAINNET of the Polygon (MATIC) which is the biggest reason for its Native token MATIC for its exponentially growth in past few months. the price of Polygon (MATIC) the native token of the platform was record at low price of $0.3285 US dollar per 1 unit in at exactly on the end month of 2nd quarter of last year 2022 (June 2022). but from the first week of the 3rd quarter of last year 2022 it started to show a potential of growth which slowly increasing its value little by little on day by day. where the price of the MATIC in world market was tripled in just a month. $1.00 per unit was been record on July 31 2022.

The value of the MATIC has been start to play from $0.7200 us dollar per unit up to $ 1.09 us dollar per unit on 3rd quarter of the year 2022 until last quarter of the year 2022. and now at this moment the price of the MATIC was recording a $1.34 Us dollar per unit which is already a quadruple from its lowest price of $0.3285.

The value and worth of this project is already relied on the growth of each DAO and DApps that was on collaboration on the network chain . If we fundamentally and technical analysed the data of this chain network. there is already a 60% chance rate to record its highest peak this year which is a record of over $3.00 per unit or much higher.

What it was waiting only was a good growth from any of the 6,000 + DApps or a record breaking improvement of the mass adoption and investment on said DApps

The key factor why Polygon is a good investment was it become a major host for NFT project, Decentralized Apps, and DAO which is one of the most hot and top pick resources for crypto currency improvement and development this year 2023.

V. Fantom Opera (FTM)

The FTM is a permission less blockchain system which is compatible in either Ethereum Visual Machine and Cosmos SDK. There is a better chance for this Crypto currency to step up on ranking which is from its 41th place it can rise and step up inside the top 20 which is only possible once the roadmap and its subject of staking will be followed and get improve.

The chain is already starting to increase its popularity due to the fact of involvement in NFT and some DApps project which is already significant raising its own value by supporting a different project while keeping its own stake. and since it was compatible in EVM and Cosmos the range of its potential and accessibility to be transact in different region and platform that was open and Compatible not only on Opera but also in EVM and Cosmos sdk operated.

If we going to compare those crypto above I mention on BCH we will only going to feel bad due to the fact that each crypto that mention above has an enough quality of service which can make them more longer stay in Top and will not going to be left behind instead it will keep slowly rise.

Honestly the Bitcoin Cash is already a victim of those Investor that make ot hype from the start then get abandoned at last. Just look this price data.

if we look carefully the historical market data of the BCH its already clearly that the cryptocurrency was been used by those whale group of investor to raised there funds and eat those late investor who trusted that it will still keep moving forward and raise its value but the truth is it was been already exhausted.

If we carefully check and do a massive survey and research on bitcoin cash you will eventually realized that the BCH now is getting behind just by looking on the project and platform that was collaborating and opened by bitcoin cash platform most of it if Im being honest wasn't good enough to raised the worth and value of the BCH rather it will only devalue the worth of the coin.

here are the major Factor key that was devaluing the worth value of the bch

  • Its only a copycat and don't have its own service that will make it keep survive on the crypto war.

  • Don't have enough Fundamental value to get improve.

  • Its already stop on getting attraction since there is no more good enough project that was collaborating on the platform due to the fact that most of attractive and good project is choosing the other chain network

  • All of BCH privileges such as Fast transaction, reliable, stable, and lower fees was already been occupied by other which is much better on the offer of the BCH.

  • its old enough but there still dont have enough unique service to provide on its consumer to stamp it name to get favor on the world market.

The only reason for bitcoin cash which still keeping it alive and doesn't get bankrupt was due to the support of the Bitcoin. but if we look carefully you will start to realized that the BCH is slowly fading on the market. mostly because of massive increase of crypto currency which is slowly taking the attention of the consumer,merchant and Investor which is big enough to get threat.

So if the BCH will keep stagnant and will not do some action to improve there service and make a good enough collaboration project. There is a chance that it will going to be ignore soon by those investor and merchant.

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1 year ago


Bitcoin Cash is not an altcoin. When I read your article, I realise that you don't understand Bitcoin (Cash) at all.

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1 year ago

We all know that bch is not an altcoin thats the more reason why it needs more to improve because it was been taken over by just an altcoin and the thing that BCH is offered was already clear that been offered by just altcoin which is already a big attack and threat for bch since if those private organization and business will choose which do you think there will choose? A main coin that dont had enough prestige to offered or on altcoin that had much better offer and service?

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1 year ago

Bitcoin Cash is technically already good enough, plus it is also constantly being improved. What kind of service do you mean? Bitcoin Cash is not owned by any company that can provide service.

The most important thing to work on is increasing adoption, but this is also increasing continuously. As for a possible delisting of BCH on the Exchanges, I am not worried. Bitcoin Cash is not a sprinter, it's a marathon runner.

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1 year ago