I Wish Life had a Rewind Button

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3 years ago

Did you guys feel regret on something that you did in the past or you get regret because you didn't do that?

Which of the two things is the reason why you feel regret guys? You did it and regret it or you didn't and regret it?

Well I'm going to tell you some little story of mine.

When I'm in my teenage years I have 3 friends in high school and from 4 of us there is one that always been in guidance because of his attitude and he was had a lot of bad habits, but he was a good friend he never leave you in the time of trouble so we are 4 had been good friends. Since we are better to him in studies we keep supporting him in anyway as far on study. And Now after 15 years past The one we help is the most successful from any of us. And the most regretful is we didn't took listen to his advice because we are too prideful

If only I didn't stop school and continue my studies I'm still better on his position because of my own stubbornness and enjoying youth and try everything because of word fun I get in the wrong path and now while thinking I'm full of regret. If only I could go back in the past I will listen to him that i should priorities my study than anything maybe I'm also successful like him. If he which is not good in study get succeed . Then i can succeed to if only i priorities my study too. Well that is a life.

the regret always in last it will not be seen at first so for all those who can read this I hope you guys will get a lesson from this story of mine

So think wisely every decision you would make.

Now Let me ask you did you had regret on your past life too?

Did you have a past you want to go back to change too?

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