EOS is now supported by Google Cloud

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Google Cloud Has partnered with block.one and will become a block producer in EOS network.

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block.one, a software firm specializing in high performance blockchain technologies announced yesterday October 6 2020 on there press released that R.Martin Chavez will join there ranks, to join the chair the company's advisory board after spending of his nearly 20 years working with Goldman Sachs as veterans.

Mr Chavez's appointment follows the recent announcement that Google is joining the EOS public blockchain as a block producer candidate.

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Block.one is excited yesterday to release there report on there press release that Google cloud, the global hyperspace cloud and infrastructure provider will join there EOS community and is taking steps to become an EOS Network block producer.

October 6, 2020 – Block.one is excited to report that Google Cloud, a global hyperscale cloud and infrastructure provider, will join the EOS community and is taking steps to become an EOS network block producer. The EOS network is built on the EOSIO blockchain protocol published by Block.one.  

Block producers are a core component of the EOS network; attracting a block producer candidate of Google Cloud’s caliber marks a milestone for the network. As one of the world’s leaders in technological innovation, Google Cloud’s planned participation underscores the importance of blockchain to the future of business, government and society. Google Cloud will leverage the EOS network’s world-class performance and vibrant open-source community as it works to become a block producer.

“We’re starting the process of becoming a block producer candidate,” said Allen Day, Developer Advocate, Google Cloud. “As organizations begin to incorporate distributed ledger technology into their infrastructures, we are committed to ensuring that the information on public blockchains are securely stored, reliably available, and can be accessed in meaningful ways.” 

Google Cloud will leverage its best-in-class infrastructure, which enables stability, reliability, security, and extensive global network coverage architecture—a great fit for public blockchain networks such as EOS. 

“Google Cloud will continue to provide its highly provisioned, low-latency infrastructure to Block.one,” said Dan Larimer, CTO at Block.one. “Through secure oracles, inter-chain transaction reporting, key management, and high-integrity full-node validation, Google Cloud’s confidential computing infrastructure will enhance the security, scalability, and decentralization of blockchain technology.”

“With the majority of global public blockchain activity, EOS is a powerful solution for anyone looking to leverage the decentralized ecosystem with ease,” said Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.one. “The Google Cloud team understands the thriving EOS community and the highly performant EOSIO technology on which it builds create the best entry point into the blockchain industry. We welcome Google Cloud to the EOS community and are excited for their contributions to the EOS network.”

As a block producer candidate, Google Cloud will need to be selected by token holders to secure a position within the block producer ranks on the EOS network. Google Cloud will publish a microsite that will highlight their participation in EOS’s network operation as an elected block producer.

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Google Cloud explained to the public the reason of this joining in there page- due to the fact that as the open source EOS Community and other blockchain ecosystem participants continue to grow. Google cloud would like to welcome and enable other developer to build on the Google cloud platform also they explain the reason they taking steps to become an EOS Block producer. Google cloud wants to help organization achieve success with distributed ledger technology. Google cloud claim to do this by providing there expertise in :

  • security

  • data analytics

  • global infrastructure

  • network operations

Google cloud official statement on there page:

Google Cloud has partnered with Block.one and will become a block producer candidate to provide infrastructure in support of the EOS network, which is built on the EOSIO blockchain protocol published by Block.one. Google Cloud's highly provisioned, low-latency global fiber optic network provides stability, reliability, security, and extensive global infrastructure coverage for Block.one’s public blockchain efforts and development.

Block producers are a core component of the EOS network. Through this partnership, Google Cloud will work with Block.one to enable new ways for its open-source community of developers to engage and build applications utilizing both the power of the EOSIO protocol and Google's unparalleled developer experience in the Cloud




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I think this is a good news. A sign for adoption. Hope that other big company will adopt like google cloud have done.

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facebook already had Libra, some bigger company already starting following

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