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Good day folks! I am writing about Health awareness, it is something that we actually experience.

Health Awareness

Health is something that you shouldn't take for granted at any cost, the moment you feel something painful or feel sick even if it is simple cold you should immediately get a medical attention, getting a medical check up is a must if you ever feel something is wrong..

Many of us thinking that what we feel can be just a simple muscle spasm, simple cold or simple injury that sometimes we take for granted, thinking that taking some medical pills or any ointment is enough to recover,

Time and Cost

the main reason why we ignored our health is because of medical cost and time. I know exactly what it feels. As of today, my mother is suffering from compressiong fracture on his L4, a part of lumbar bone on spinal..

It was started mid September on 2020 when she got out of balance and take a fall with her hips, we immediately ask her if she was okay as she was sitting, then after a few moments she said she was okay not knowing that she had already has a cracked boned, she stands and walks like nothing happen.

3 moths after, she started to feel pain on her lower back thinking that it was a simple muscle spasm so she ignored it, 2 weeks after that she still feels pain, that time i ask her to get a medical check up, but then she tells me it was just unnecessary cost and just a waste of time because she believes that it will recover any time soon because she thinks it was simple muscle spasm..

Then the nightmare becomes real, Midnight on late January, She shouted for help as she was lying on the ground. we all got alerted as we look what happen then we saw her lying having a hard time to move, we immediately try to help but a simple move hurts a lot, so we decided not to move her then asses the situation.. we call for an ambulance and send her to a hospital..

As we arrive at hospital we immediately ask for medical attention, but because of the pandemic craze it is impossible to get immediate check up, my brother stayed there with my mom and eventually she got an xray, it takes four full days to have a result on that xray, as we got informed that she had a compression fracture on her L4.

The doctor said it can be self recover if she got a proper bed rest for 6weeks to 3 months at most.

It is because she want to avoid expenses it resulted in much worst and actually cost more.

Proper Treatment

Getting medical check up and having a prescribed meds isn't the end of it, ofcourse getting treated has proper ways.

4 days after my mother brought to the hospital, she was ordered to have a full bed rest means she cant move or do any activity that will hinder her recovery. she was send back home because of pandemic threat if she stays on the hospital.

After going back home, she started her bed rest, she feels good at first week but then it didn't last a week as she started to feel pain again but as i do research online, I learned that it was normal for spinal fractures to feel pain.

Another nightmare! because of lacks of knowledge on proper bed rest 2 months had passed but she didnt improve as she feel more pain. And today april 2, 2021 as she feels an excuperating pain that we have no other choice but to send her back to hospital, and still waiting for results..

Just because of unwanted unnecessary expenses we put our health on the line, things comes to worst when the expenses that you tried to avoid becomes more expensive as your condition got worst. We should never take for granted our health, do something before its too late.

I am sharing this because i want to alert those who are ignoring their sickness thinking that it was just a simple as it can be recover in just few days, please get a proper medical attention and treatment. I know that it is our fault that we came on this kind of situation,it is a lesson learned for us but it is awareness to all of you. don't exchange your health for cheap change as it will cost more when it got serious!

Please pray for my mother for her fast recovery, and actually hoping to get some fund for her MRI as it cost more than 10thousand pesos here in the philippines..

Be Aware! Be Safe and Be Healthy!

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