Covantis bring Agriculutural sector in Crypto industry

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Agricultural Sector Stepping In Crypto Industry

This year we already witness how the global world was changed and moving in modernization. a fast happening changes from traditional way process to a modernization was been experienced in our daily life and right now another step forward was been reported for the sector of agriculture and blockchain technology.

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There is a good news that happening upon right now in the sector of agriculture which can lead the development of world economy and a massive growth for the crypto industry.

Some major Agricultural business was happen to partners and create a joint project that lead the born of a new worldwide company called covantis.

The Covantis group was told to be a first in International trade of goods that was digitalized and using a blockchain technology which is committed to make the global trade to be

  • simple

  • secure

  • efficient

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The partnership had made and founded by the following

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ADM Company

The Archer-Daniels-Midland Company is An American multinational Company for food processing and commodities trading that was located in Chicago Illinois which is operates over Hundreds of Plants and crop procurement facilities over the world

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Bunge Limited

The Bunge Limited is an American Agricultural business and food company that was well known as being an International soybean exporter which is also involved in:

  • food processing

  • fertilizer

  • grain trading

the company was located in St.Louis Missouri United States and incorporated in Bermuda

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Cargill Incorporated

The Cargill Incorporated was a privately held global food corporation in America which is base in Minnetonka Minnesota which have major business in trading, purchasing, and distributing grains and other agricultural commodities.

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Louis Dreyfus Company B.V.

a global merchant firm that is involved in Agriculture,food proccessing, international shipping, and finance. The company owns and manages hedge funds, oceans vessels develops and operates telecommunications infrastructures

The company was located in Geneva Switzerland and founded in France

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中国粮油国际有限公司 (COFCO International)

COFCO International which is already known now as China Food Limited 中国食品有限公司 is a listed company in Hong Kong Stocks Exchanges that was involve in food processing and food trading including :

  • oilseed

  • wineries

  • beverage

  • confectionary

  • wheat

  • brewing materials

  • rice

  • biofuel

  • biochemical

  • edible oil

  • non rice food stuff products

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Glencore Agriculture Limited

Glencore Agriculture Limited is a market leader in originating, handling , processing, and marketing agricultural commodities including

  • oilseed

  • grains

  • pulse

  • sugar

  • rice

  • cotton

  • vegetable oils

  • protein meals

  • biodiesel

The company is located in Rotterdam Netherlands

As you can see the six founder members of the Covantis was specialized in different aspect trade and a major holder of agricultural commodities in world stock exchange which can make assurance of successful handling the world trade agricultural market bloom using there partnership in Covantis which is made to use the blockchain technology to turn the modernization of global trading in agriculture sect.

The goal of the partnership

  • to unify the agricultural sectors data

  • facilitate communication between all participants

  • bring efficiency and cost savings to companies throughout the International supply chain

  • improving the logistics process at the ports

Benefits of the Covantis can provide

  • helps the flow of information between all participants

  • prevents fraud

  • ensures the security of shared data


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