BitcoinCash & TESLA Colaboration?

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2 years ago

The possibility of bitcoincash being accepted as payment for TESLA is one of the hottest talks right now.

For all BCH fans and supporters this might be one good news to hear, a possibility of colaboration with the one of the top companies in US can make a huge boost on BCH.

In late march, Elon Musk confirmed the acceptance of Bitcoin as payment for tesla, but sadly BCH wasn't mentioned. But then after a month there was a man who is trying to convince Elon Musk as he promise to buy 111 Tesla model 3s if he accept BCH as a method of payment.

On the said video, the youtuber explained to his followers that TESLA would see a boost on sales as a result as there result as there are many Bitcoin Cash supporters who want to spend their cryptocurrency,

“You will enjoy unbelievable amount of support by people who actually want to spend the Bitcoin Cash, not the people who just want to HOLD the BTC.”

Here'sa post on youtube that he adresses to the TESLA CEO Elon Musk.

It is unclear if he was true to his words because it was shown on the video that he has approximately $141,000 in BCH, it is enough to buy only a couple of tesla, But on Reddit, he did clarify that he purposedly ,did not want to reveal his other wallets for security reasons.

whether this post was just a public stunt or not , it is still leaves a possibility and hope for BCH that if bitcoin made it possible why not BCH? BitcoinCash has now a growing community, accepting it as a payment method can make a boost on sales of tesla because costumers have more option not just bitcoin.

Actually this wasn't the first time that BCH proponents that tries to get Elon Musk attention, As a response on TESLA CEO's tweet "You can now Buy a tesla with Bitcoin" Kim DotCom compared the BTC and BCH fees.

But ofcourse it is still just in talks, making it happen still in the hands of TESLA, maybe they were still weighing the benefits they will get if ever they colaborate and accept BCH as a payment method on their products.

Getting the TESLA's aknowledgement will surely give a huge boost on BCH, that is why many of BCH enthusiasts are actually hoping for it to happen. This can be a steping stone for more projects and also a signal for more merchants to give BCH more aknowledgement credits.

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2 years ago