Bitcoin is still rising up?

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2 years ago

Bitcoin is still making history by breaking it's own record.

Now lets talk about this hottest crypto of all time called "Bitcoin". Why do crypo enthusiast are going crazy about this bitcoin? Well let's try to figure out!

From the day bitcoin was established on 2009, who knows that from $0.01 dollar per bitcoin, it will rise more than ten thousand dollars?? honestly on my own opinion rising on 1000% after 5years is above ideal, imagine if you put 1000 dollars on some stocks and making it about a million dollars, who would ever be not get excited?? from a thousand to a million i would be absolutely jumping out of joy!

Bitcoin started less than a dollar, and acknowledgement started in 2011 when some foundation stared to accept bitcoin, but on same year that foundation stopped accepting it due some legal issues.

In 2012 bitcoin make another step by affiliating it on Drama, and continues onward having merchants accept bitcoins. 2013 is somewhat disaster year for bitcoin because when it reaches $1000 per bitcoin for the first time it was also that year it the price goes down to $300 /bitcoin.

On the following year 2014, when bitcoin gains attention not because of rising up but because there were some individuals that uses bitcoin as their medium for scamming people making a 4.4billion worth of coins missing.

In 2016, because bitcoin gain enough attention from people, there were cryptos tried to follow the step of bitcoin making another cryptos and use it for services.

And the real growth started on 2017 as bitcoin reaches $10,000 and that year you might think that it was the highest price it might be getting but bitcoin's growth still continues as the end of 2017 bitcoin reaches $13,000, but the price drop in 2018 as bitcoin plummeted to $6200 in february and continues to drop at $3000 on december 2018.

But on year 2020 as the COVID19 labeled as pandemic, most of countries implement lockdown which you cant leave your houses except for necessities needs.. That year Bitcoin take a huge leap, on march 2020 it was on $5000 mark but month after month the price was rising non stop until the end of 2020 it reaches $28000 but bitcoin is still not satisfied and still want to rise.

On april 2021 bitcoin breaks its own record reaching it highest price at $64000, many will think that it was to late for them to invest in bitcoin as it reaches its highest, weeks after bitcoin is at $50000 mark. Only time will tell when bitcoin will go rise up again. But i think bitcoin will still make history and i am sure that it will break its own record again as the pandemic continues.

It just funny that way back when bitcoin started there is someone who use his 10000 bitcoin just to buy 2 pieces of pizza, imagine if he held onto it until it reaches $10k mark, he might have own his own pizza parlor and have multi-branches:DD

Well who would know that it will come at this point that a 1dollar can be turned into 64K in just 10 years.

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