Bitcoin Cash is the True Successor of Bitcoin

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BTC is already become "digital gold" which BCH is succeeding the title of "peer to peer electronic cash".

Before if you start a venture in crypto space the first word that could enter to your mind will be BITCOIN : Peer to Peer Electronic Cash but now after a decade the Bitcoin changes its title as "digital gold" due to the fact that the Bitcoin become too expensive and the influence of it over the world has spread. There is no Investor over the world that didn't know the word Bitcoin since it becomes the most hottest and top digital asset in stock market. But didn't you know that the assets said has started to have a flaw and couldn't follow its original promise since it become expensive ? that's right you read it right ! the Bitcoin original promise as low fees, and fast, reliable transactions was started to deteriorated since it value had become too expensive. so the original title as peer to peer electronic cash was cast away and changes as Bitcoin: Digital Gold.

What is the reason why the bitcoin right now couldn't afford to be called as peer to peer electronic cash?

  • As a merchants if BTC was used to be means as payments then a lot of problem will start to show such as :

    1. Fee for both parties will affect the price of the product of your store since the fee of BTC is not low.

    2. Confirming of the payments will take time

    3. Volatility of the price of the BTC could affect your income.

  • For Individual if you use the BTC as means of payments then you must need to prepare to have extra to pay for the higher fee.

BTC right now is too expensive to be a money that's why the crypto space community right now treat as means of digital gold rather than as currency. Since the Bitcoin can't still stay as peer to peer electronic cash as its original promise. The Crypto space community right now is looking for its successor and that where the BITCOIN CASH will enter.

How did the BCH become successor ?

As far I know there is no one in the crypto space couldn't denied that the BCH is successor of BTC as Peer to peer Electronic cash since Bitcoin Cash is originated from Bitcoin whitepaper and it was build and born to fulfill the role of the promise of the Bitcoin that wasn't fulfill since it becomes too expensive and unreliable in other aspects such as fast and low fees.

It was started to fulfill the promise since around year 2017 and it also develop its own value by its own project and unique style of promotion. and right now its undeniable that BCH is already spreading its wings to every corner of the world like Bitcoin but still keeping the profile as low fees and fast transaction which become the reason why the Bitcoin cash is become the best money in the world right now.

You can consider right now that the BCH as a money that no boundary with good value globally since the transferring or paying using BCH is simple through those online transaction. Not only international sometimes at your own local area there is some merchants that accept BCH as means payments.

You can see the full detail about BCH bt proceeding in this site

Why Bitcoin Cash is better successor ?

  • Merchants prefer to use BCH rather than other coin since it had ultra low fees in transaction that suit to process there business with affordable fees for there customer.

  • Merchants prefer to use BCH since it fast and simple in doing transaction which is no delay. mostly the transaction is been confirmed with in a minute to an hour only. while other coins is confirming the transaction with in few hours to a day.

  • Merchants prefer BCH than other means of payments since there is no chargeback.

  • Merchants also get free advertise when partner BCH since BCH is an international currency and worldwide famous in different community that was in crypto space industry.

  • As an individual you can send money globally with fast, low fee and simple way anytime and everywhere as far you had internet and phone.

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