Availability of Digital Service and Virtual Money in Philippines

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Government of the Philippines is already widening the digital service since before to make the service here will be more easy and fastest.

Since the Internet become trends most of public and private company here in Philippines was trying to get ideas how can they improve there service and become more affordable, flexible and balance thru the internet service. example the two biggest Telecommunication which is Globe telecommunication and Smart Telecommunication launch there own digital wallet service to provide there users an easy shopping experience thru online ( we will discuss this service later). while other government service such as NBI, PSA, GSIS and other government department was already launch there own online service that serves million of Filipino. Some of private company also made there own launch a digital service depend on the needs of there consumer.


it was an online service for the company to serve there consumers, users, or client thru internet which is more convenient for us since we don't need to waste our time to travel there just to get there service.

since the internet service is convenient the government of the Philippines support the idea evolution of service in the country using the long distant service thru internet or digital service. because of it the Telecommunication Company in Philippines launch an affordable service and project to support the government to launch this kind of service.

The following information will serve you guide somehow in the digital service that was 
available in Philippines which can guide you in future if ever you visit my country or 
deice to migrate here.

Philippines Government Service

Philippines Statistic Authority ( PSA)

The new name of National Statistic Office (NSO) which shall primarily be responsible for the implementation of the objectives and provisions of

Republic Act No. 10625 which originated in the House of Representatives was finally passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate on June 6, 2013. and approved on September 12 2013 .

Republic Act No. 11055 signed on August 6, 2018

Republic Act No. 11315 signed on April 17, 2019

The PSA is where you will apply to get a certification for your birth, death, CENOMAR and marriage in Philippines. it also serve other civil registration and its also conduct the national census for the Philippines Statistic.

As of now the PSA is now serve the Filipino thru this site online

psa.gov.ph the official site for psa

PSAHelpline.ph is where you can order your PSA Certificate of Live Birth, a Certificate of Marriage, a Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR), or request for a Certificate of Death online from the Philippine Statistics Authority.

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) saw its inception on November 13, 1936 upon approval of Commonwealth Act No. 181 by the legislature. It was the the brainchild of the late President Manuel L. Quezon and Jose Yulo, then Secretary of Justice.

Tasked with organizing a Division of Investigation or DI patterned after the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation were Thomas Dugan, a veteran American police captain from the New York Police Department and Flaviano C. Guerrero, the only Filipino member of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.

On the basis of stiff physical, mental, and moral standards, 45 men were selected as agents from among 300 applicants. To complement this investigative force was a civilian staff composed of doctors, chemists, fingerprint technicians, photographers, stenographers, and clerks.

During the Japanese occupation, the DI was affiliated with the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Philippine Constabulary known as the Bureau of Investigation (BI). Subsequently, during the post-liberation period, all available DI agents were recruited by the US Army CIC as investigators.

Since then, the Bureau assumed an increasingly significant role. Thus, on June 19, 1947, by virtue of Republic Act No. 157, it was reorganized into the Bureau of Investigation. Later, it was amended by Executive Order No. 94 issued on October 4, 1947 renaming it to what it is presently known, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

This is the government Agency that provide a legal assistance not only for Filipinos but also for foreigner that was inside of the premises of the country of the Philippines.

As a worker and job seeker in Philippines you must have a clearance that come from this agency since most of the company required this to know if you had a derogatory record. the clearance here is also required for you to travel outside of the Philippines.

nbi.gov.ph the official site of NBI

clearance.nbi.gov.ph where you can apply your clearance.

take note: NBI now is only applicable thru appointment and online service
to avoid the COVID-19

Government Service Insurance System (GSIS)

The Government Service Insurance System  is a government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) of the Philippines. Created by Commonwealth Act No. 186 and Republic Act No. 8291 (GSIS Act of 1997), GSIS is a social insurance institution that provides a defined benefit scheme under the law. It insures its members against the occurrence of certain contingencies in exchange for their monthly premium contributions.

GSIS members are entitled to an array of social security benefits, such as life insurance benefits, separation or retirement benefits, and disability benefits.

GSIS is also the administrator of the General Insurance Fund by virtue of RA 656 (Property Insurance Law). It provides insurance coverage to government assets and properties that have government insurable interests.

gsis.gov.ph is the official site for GSIS where you can take there service thru online.

Social Security System (SSS)

The Social Security System  is a state-run, social insurance program in the Philippines to workers in the private, professional and informal sectors. SSS is established by virtue of Republic Act No. 1161, better known as the Social Security Act of 1954. This law was later amended by Republic Act No. 8282 in 1997.

sss.gov.ph is the official site for SSS to check your contribution, membership, and others service that provide by this company.

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth)

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) was created in 1995 to implement universal health coverage in the Philippines. It is a tax-exempt, government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) of the Philippines, and is attached to the Department of Health. Its stated goal is to "ensure a sustainable national health insurance program for all.

Enabling Laws

philhealth.gov.ph is the official site for PhilHealth to make the contributor check there status, services and other record.

Home Development Mutual Fund (PAGIBIG FUND)

The birth of the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF), more popularly known as the Pag-IBIG Fund, was an answer to the need for a national savings program and an affordable shelter financing for the Filipino worker. The Fund was established on 11 June 1978 by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 1530 primarily to address these two basic yet equally important needs. Under the said law, there were two agencies that administered the Fund.

The Social Security System handled the funds of private employees, while the Government Service Insurance System handled the savings of government workers.

Less than a year after on 1 March 1979, Executive Order No. 527 was signed. The order directed transferring the administration of the Fund to the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation, which was one of the operating agencies of the then Ministry of Human Settlements.

Seeing the need to further strengthen the stability and viability of the two funds, Executive Order No. 538 was issued on 4 June 1979, merging the funds for private and government personnel into what is now known as the Pag-IBIG Fund. However, It was only on 14 December 1980 when Pag-IBIG was made independent from the NHMFC with the signing of PD 1752, which amended PD 1530. With the improved law in effect, the Fund's rule-making power was vested in its own Board of Trustees. Likewise, PD 1752 made Pag-IBIG membership mandatory for all SSS and GSIS member-employees.

pagibig.gov.ph is the official website for Pag-ibig Fund where you can apply loan online or the other service that provide by Pag-ibig funds.


Private Company Services in the Philippines

Before you are paying bills thru walk in service which is you need fall in line for longer time just to pay your bills. but now there is no need that in the Philippines since those company is providing now a different way for you to pay your bills.

you can pay your bills thru :

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