2 Types of Trade strategy for Beginner

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Want to start trade but don't getting doubt if you will get a profit?

  • Then this section of my articles is good for you we will start to guide you little by little on how to get some profit in trade. Well to be precise this strategy of mine is only about 70-85% successful in getting profit so there still a chance of about 30-15% chance to loss your trade. So I advice you as beginner that don't put a large sum of money at first and try it only in the sum that you are afford to lost then realize if its effective in your own experience and try out.

Lets get started first on which broker or apps you must need to start our trade. well to get assured we must first try to learn which is broker and apps or site is the trustable and legal so we can smoothly do our trade without convenience. Lets get to know first all the factor we need to know before we choose a reliable site, apps or broker.

Factors that must know to choose Exchanges Broker

*Reliability - we need to check first the reliability of the exchanges broker so we can 100% sure that our funds is in safe place. we must need to know if the exchanges or the site is doing a legal operating or not just a ponzhi team. also how long it already in operation and how much this organization or company is already in the industry.

its better if the exchange we choose is fully covered on insurance, had a 100% security level where our funds is 100% safe.

This is the most question you need to ask and think carefully before choose the exchanges or site broker

  1. How the security level of there platform. its much better if the apps is applying the KYC "Know Your Customer" verification and do a 2 Factor log in so we are assured that every transaction our account made is informing us. it hustle at first but we will be 100% assured that our funds is in safe since only our self is the only one who holds the most important process in our transaction which is called "approval" since once you are in 2 factor authenticator only your mobile or gadget is the one had access to the code that will need to be approved your transaction. while the KYC is the best factor which are designed to protect financial institutions against fraud, corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing. KYC involves several steps to: establish customer identity; understand the nature of customers' activities and qualify that the source of funds is legitimate.

  2. How the service of the exchanges is provided? this is the most important factor you need to be inform since your trade is depend on this. you must know there pairings product, assets and funds available, and most important is there convertion availability and fee. also you must check the availability of your country currency if its available in it. so you can sell your product any time in your currency.

  3. How wide the influence of the exchanges can reach? this question is also important since the availability of your strategy will be more wide if its wide. since if its globally then your assurance of fast transaction and earn profit will be more affordable. Lets ask you if you try to sell a product don't you want to have a variety of client or customer to buy your product right? means the wide the influence is the more client it had so it much affordable to trade.

*Affordability - the exchange or the site must be easy to use if its affordable in any case such as price, quantity and fee.

It much easy to earn profit if the exchanges is only charging you a little fee. also if your quantity is available in small part to trade.

Since we already know the factor to choose an exchange where we trade then lets move on basic knowledge.

Basic Knowledge in Trade


  • (Spot Trade/Limit) to buy the product at the price you put.

  • (Future/Margin trade) to put your leverage asset at the starting market where you put the price then it will success profit only once the price of the product increase. example you put a long/buy 10$ on btc/usdt at $41,340.89 then you will only gain profits once the market price is over $41,340.89 while you lost the trade if its below. the profit and lost will depend on your leverage and stop price.


  • (Spot/Limit trade) to sell the product at the price you want

  • (Future/Margin trade) to put your leverage asset at the starting market where you put the price then it will success profit only once the price of the product increase. example you put a long/buy 10$ on btc/usdt at $41,340.89 then you will only gain profits once the market price is below the price of $41,340.89 while you lost the trade if its over or above. the profit and lost will depend on your leverage and stop price.


Only available in Future/Margin trade it use to multiply your fund in trades and gain profit but as usual the higher the leverage you put then the higher risk your trade will liquidated.


Means your trade will lost so it much better if your liquidation price is longer distance in your mark price so your trade will be more higher chance to profit.

My Two strategy in trade for beginner

My first strategy is I called Eagle Hunting since this strategy is base on waiting with fastest eye because in this strategy we need to find a good pair that was in good trend means we need to look a pair of product that had wide variety of trend example the price of BTC/USDT is in deep or near in All Time Low for the month then it had 80% chance to go in up while if its near in the All time High for the month then 80% it will drop price. but to be sure we need to look the trend price for the week. you can look at it by comparing the move on 4H, 6H, together with 1D timeframe look at it if the price move or chart is had a uptrend or low trend. you can be assure it moving up if the uptrend in 1D chart is had a present green bar is actually higher 40% in the yesterday red chart but it will be had a 90% going to down if the present green bar already in 90% higher than yesterday bar. the next thing you need to do is compare this move in 4H and 6H timeframe if the timeframe of the 2 is moving upward the it had 80% of uptrend while if its downward then it low trend.

I know you are asking right now where is the basis of this strategy then I will say that Im not 100% confident that this strategy will work but base on my experience I made 7 out of my 10 trade using this that I gain a profit. anyway using this strategy you guys must need to use 10x leverage only since there is only 80% chance that the trend will follow the flow due to fact that some whale is hunting in ground.

The 2nd type strategy is called Rabbit profit. this is the strategy Im proud of since most of my profit come here and its most simple strategy where all can use but Im going to say you all this is not a 100% sure to gain profit since in the world of trade there is no 100% assurance of profit gainer. but Im proud to say that this strategy of mine had 70-85% can win and gain a massive profit depend on your doubt and trust since only handful people is success on trade just try it and leave your comment if its successful or not so I know if its working on others or it just Im only the one.

Step 1. put your leverage on 30x upto 50x

step 2.choose long or buy depend on what you like. but it better if you choose the depend on the color of the candlestick if red then short if green then long.

Step 3. put the TP or Take profit on 5-10% only depend on your leverage 10% if 30x leverage while 5% only if 50%.

Step 4 repeat this 3 times per hour only since the trade market is changing mostly an hour.

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