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You will speak

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1 year ago

Love stories..

Every one likes to read love story.

Me too..

I hope you like it

While getting ready to run away with her boyfriend, a message came on the phone.

"Your father will have an accident tonight, don't run away today"

After reading the message, I was more shocked than scared. No one knew about my escape with Shahid today except me and some friends of Shahid and Shahid.

But who gave this message?

I call that number immediately, but switch off.

Shahed laughed as soon as he called Shahed. He started begging him to get ready before his father came back from the court.

It's evening and I'm ready to pack my bags. But somehow inside the chest.

If you don't go today, you can go tomorrow!

I called Shahed again, Shahed was very angry and said, "Chandra, if you love me, we will run away today, or you will never find me, our 6 month relationship has ended here."

I love Shahid very much, I stepped forward without thinking of anything.

The little uncle is lying there making the room dark. Her headaches start every evening, the room stays dark.

I went out without thinking, I didn't forget to put my father's ATM card in my pants pocket.

As soon as I got down on the road, I saw Shahed standing with a microbus. As soon as I got up, Shahed closed the door of the car on top.

Is it right to run away like this?

I do not understand anything, how the hammer is beating in the chest. I do not know how the father is!

Suddenly I realized that I love my father very much, I do not want to go with Shahid.

"Tell Shahid to stop the micro, I'll go down here, I won't go, I can't leave my father, Shahid."

"Is your moon right?"

There's no way back now. I've got everything right. My friends will witness the wedding. You can't go now. "

"Shahed, I won't go. I can't get married at all. Shahed. I think my father is in danger."

"There's no point in saying these things now, Chandra, it's too late for you. Open the bag, take out the money, the jewelry you brought."

"What are you talking about? Why are you talking like this?"

"Shut up sister-in-law, do you think I'm taking you to get married?"

Today we have 5 friends with you, your father has ended my life, if your father had not given my father's death sentence that day, you would not be in this situation today, I have beaten you with great difficulty, Jajsab Khasa is giving birth to a girl ? Ha ha ha "

"Dude, the day I first saw it, I wanted to jump on my sister-in-law's body.

I want to scream and cry, who do I love?

This is not a man, a vampire named man.

On his way back from the court, Mr. Hasanuzzaman's car had an accident, an ambulance was brought quickly and the driver and he were taken to the hospital.

"I'm a prostitute, do you have to book me for one night or one week ???

Payment but in that case you will get some discount if you book for 1 week. "

Sajal could not have imagined to hear such words on the face of a very polite, beautiful looking girl.

She has been sitting at the station for a long time, her elder sister will come from Sylhet, Sajal is waiting for her, she has been noticing this girl for quite some time.

He liked it very much, so he came forward to talk. The girl said hello to attract the girl's attention.

Sajal felt an unknown pain somewhere inside her chest. This girl is a prostitute, but why does she feel like that?

Sajal Kadamtali Police Station OC, he suddenly fell in love with this 24-25 year old girl.

But he does not know anything about the girl. Love is very strange!

Going forward, Sajal asks, "What is your name?"


"You can be called beautiful in the way you are beautiful, but I want to know your real name, not the name for the customers, what name does your father call you?"


I don't have a father, who will call? "

"Sorry to bother you, what does your mother call you?"

"Mother calls misfortune"

The storm started inside Sajal's chest, this girl is always sad.

"Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

"I don't have a name. When I respond to someone's name, we add new names to our line every day."

"Looking at you, it looks like a girl from a polite family. Why did you come this way?"

"Looking at you, it seems like an awkward person. Why did you go to the police without mastering it?"

Sajal is shocked by the girl's words. How did the police know that this girl?

This girl is not supposed to know.

"How do you know I'm that cop?"

"The butt of the pistol coming out from under your shirt."

"You haven't said your name yet but"

The girl left without saying anything.

Sajal is watching the girl named Rupban leaving.

Tipu as the micro stood near a forest. Today, the tide has come in her body, this girl named Chandra will be enjoyed by 5 friends today, thinking that Tipu is feeling delighted.

Chandra's hands, feet and face have been tied. Shahed, Rakib, Rashed, Hasib searched Chandra's bag and luggage but could not find any money or jewelery. Shahed's mood has changed.

Shahed pushed Chandra to a clean place and Shimul removed the scotch tape from Chandra's mouth.

"Hey, why did you open the tape?"

"Hey Mama, Shali's scream will make my body brighter, no one will come to this dense forest tonight, Shali will scream in pain and we will have fun, that's all fun

Everyone laughed when they heard Shimul's irrefutable argument. Chandra started screaming and crying.

At about 11 o'clock at night, the whole forest is illuminated by the light of the full moon. This is the night people go to the forest. The poet wrote, "Today is the night of Jochna, everyone has gone to the forest."

Neel is sitting hugging a big chatim tree, he has been sitting here since that evening, talking to the tree with all his heart. There is no one but the tree. Neel is so close to him. Blue understands how much wiser the trees are than humans. Yet how humble, humble they are.

If people had 1 / 10th of its knowledge, they would sigh at the thought of what people would do.

Suddenly, Chatimgach gets angry and says, "Neel, run to the north-east corner right now. A few boys are going to molest a girl.

Neel ran without delay and heard the screams of women in the distance. Neel reached there in a moment. 5 boys are standing together. Suddenly everyone is shocked to see Neel. Neel looks at 5 people without saying anything, looking at Neel's eyes, Shahed, Shimul, Rakib, Rashed, Hasib are shocked.

I myself was surprised to see this scene. I stood up holding the boy's outstretched hand. Then I followed him out of the jungle. Looking back, I see that 5 people are still in that daze.

Two people came and stood on the side of the main road.

"You shouldn't have bothered your father like that, you should have gone home as soon as possible."

I was a little shocked to hear the boy, I just thought in my mind, how did the boy hear that?

Who is this boy?

Does it have ESP power?

"I don't have ESP power, walk without exaggerating, let me get you"

I was completely surprised to hear about the boy.

A CNG is coming from the front, he sits on the CNG with Neel Chandra.

CNG is running from Gazipur to Dhanmondi, but I forgot what was going to happen to me a while ago, but I am thinking about this unknown boy.

Who is this boy?

What power does this boy have?

The message came on the phone again, "You have survived a long time, I have not heard before, your father's left leg was broken in an accident, come to the hospital soon."

I immediately called that number, switch off again. I do not understand what is happening?

I suddenly feel crazy about how crazy I am. What is happening to me?

Or am I dreaming?

I cut myself a pinch, I cringed in pain. All is true in Tarman, how come all this is true!

Suddenly I am terrified.

# You_ will_speak

Episode: 01

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Written by   92
1 year ago
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Nice story i like it.thanks for share.

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