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1 year ago

Hey friends..

How are you?

I have a new story

I think you like it

Name: # Strange_that_boy.


Episode: 01

"Can you hear me?" Touch heard a loud laugh as he did his varsity assignment. He stopped writing and asked, looking at Ryan, who was sitting in the chair next to him at the same table.

"Hmm. Who laughs like crazy in the middle of the night?" Ryan frowned.

"I don't understand. Well, isn't the landlord's uncle?"

Ryan was a little annoyed to hear the touch question and said,

"Damn! As far as I've seen the landlord's uncle, he's a serious enough man. He doesn't seem to be behaving like this at midnight."

"So? Is there a mental patient in his flat?"

"Uncle lives alone. His son is in Rome, Italy. He also has no other relatives."

The laughter grew louder and louder. Touch is just scary. Panic over his horrible kind of words on him. He is afraid of any word. Chest trembled. As soon as the sound of laughter increased, he left the chair and stood up. Turning to Ryan, he said,

"It's weird! Who laughs like that?"

Ryan stood up and said, "Nah. This word is going too far. Come on! Let's go upstairs and see what's the matter!"

Ryan is a stubborn, very brave boy. His widespread curiosity about any strange and frightening subject. Hearing Ryan's proposal, he looked at her with wide eyes and said,

"What do you mean? I mean go upstairs? There's no work to be done. What if there's a danger later?"

"Touch! Why are you so scared? Let's go and see. Come on. I'm here." Ryan said with fear.

The touch was still not reassuring. He looked at the other three roommates lying on the bed on the floor of the room and mumbled,

"Then call them. Let's all go together."

"No. They're sleeping, sleep. It's going to happen when you and I go and see. Come on."

Touch began to walk after Ryan despite not wanting to. Ryan stepped forward, grabbed the door lock, and unzipped it. The sound of laughter became clearer as soon as I opened the door. Touching his lips with his tongue, he said, "Ryan, the sound is coming from above. No need to go. Close the door. Let's go to bed."

Ryan said a little annoyed, "You come with me to talk less."

The Ryan got up in this flat this morning. There is only one house in the ground floor flat of the two-storey house. The house is big enough even if it is one. A bathroom and a kitchen.

The two of them came and stood outside the door. The stairwell is pitch dark. Both of them lit their mobile torches. Half light, half dark environment. Slowly, the two of them crossed the stairs one by one and went to the second floor. Thin touch to the landlord's door. Ryan said with a light slap on the head in touch,

"Are you an ass? It's clear the sound of laughter is coming from the roof. What are you hearing there?"

"Yeah, Ryan, the bottom gate is locked. How can anyone come to the roof at half past one tonight? And if they do come, why are they laughing like that?"

"Hmm! If you want to know that, you have to go to the roof. Come on, let's go to the roof." Ryan said.

"You go. I'm going downstairs. No need to go to the roof." Touch said in a frightened voice. Ryan said angrily,

"Brother Ayre. It could be a lunatic or a thief."

"Okay, let's go. But remember, you'll be responsible for anything I do."

"Well, that's fine. You come."

The two of them came in front of the roof door and played another push. The roof door is latched from the side of the stairs. That is, if someone climbed on the roof, he had to climb the wall. Ryan slammed the latch and opened the door and entered the roof. Touch also came and stood beside Ryan. They both saw a nine- to ten-year-old boy sitting on the railing in the right corner of the roof, laughing in unison. Ryan's mood turned sour. He grunted and said to the boy,

"Hey, who are you?"

The boy stopped laughing and looked at Ryan and Touch in slow motion. The boy's eyes are interesting. Pretty magical. She is wearing loose hair, a red vest and black pants. Ryan said again, "Kiri! Why don't you talk? How did you get on the roof?"

Touch said in a very calm and affectionate voice, "Who are you brother? How did you come to the roof? Tell me, why are you smiling like this so many nights?"

The boy sat up in the same position, raised his right hand, pointed to the left, and said in a serious voice, "Here is my friend!"

They both looked at the boy's hand and looked to the left and saw no one. He immediately looked back at the boy and saw that he was not there either. But how can a baby boy disappear in an instant? Impossible. The two of them ran to the roof railing. Then he leaned down and tried to find the boy. But the boy is not there. Absolutely disappeared. The two friends wiped their faces. Both of them have gone through a lot. The two quickly knocked on the roof door and came downstairs.

Ryan came to their house and poured water from a jug of water on the table into a glass. Touching the jug, he started drinking water. After drinking water, he raised a belch and said,

"I said, you don't have to go to the roof. You won't listen."

"I wonder where the boy is hiding?"

The sound of opening the bathroom door shocked the touch. Himel came out of the bathroom. Ryan and Sparsh did not notice for fear that Himel was not in bed. Himel came out and said,

"Kiri! Where did the two go together?"

"On the roof." Said Ryan.

"Why? What was the point of going to the roof so late at night?" Himel said pouring water into the glass.

"Brother Himel! That happened, don't believe it." Said touch.

"Don't tell me if you don't believe. It's been a long night. Sleep." Himel said after drinking water and lying on the bed.

"Brother, listen first. The three of you were sleeping. I was reading more touches. Suddenly we both heard a laugh. I thought it might be the landlord. Later I went to the second floor and realized the sound of laughter was coming from the roof." Ryan poured water into the glass again. Lying on his back, Himel said, "Then?"

Sparsh sat in the chair and said, "I went to the roof and saw a boy sitting on the railing and smiling. As soon as we threatened, the two of us seemed to be blown away. We couldn't find the whole roof."

"Wow, wow, you can tell a beautiful story! I fell asleep after hearing the story. Now you too go to bed lightly." Himel said raising his hi. Ryan said angrily, "It's not the story, brother Himel. The two of us just experienced the incident."

The two noticed that Himel Allready had started sniffing. Disappointed, Touch said,

"They didn't care about us."

"What else to do, turn off the lights. After going to bed." Ryan said as he lay on his bed. Touch turned off the room lamp.


The morning light has dawned long ago. Everyone woke up. Himel woke up first and went to the market an hour earlier. Shafiq is taking a bath in the bathroom. Pavel is having breakfast at the table. For breakfast, one egg per person and bread with jelly, along with a banana and a cup of tea. This is the daily breakfast item of these five.

Touch and Ryan unknowingly forgot about last night. They both studied in the final year of Honors in Government Bangla College. The friendship between the two is at the beginning of that college life. I mean from intermediate. Ryan's village home is Noakhali and touch is Comilla. If you want to go home from there, the two of you go together. Touch goes down to Comilla, and Ryan goes to Noakhali. On his way back, Ryan came to Comilla from Noakhali on a local bus and joined Sparsh. Then the two returned to Dhaka together. The two are now less friends, more brothers.

After being admitted to the honors, Ryan was touched in the college hostel. But neither of them could adapt to the environment there. Insect bites, roommates' noises, dirty bathrooms and unhealthy food all combined to make the two of them very upset in two months. After staying in the hostel for two months, they were forced to rent a separate house.

Ryan and Sparsh rented a flat in the South Biscay. A small two-room flat on the second floor. The rent is eight thousand rupees. With so much rent, it was very difficult to make ends meet. Ryan used to do two tuitions then. And the touch was not there. He had to wait for the money sent from home. So to reduce the rent, they took two more roommates with them.

Pavel and Shafiq, classmates at Ryan Touch varsity, moved into the flat and began living with them. Pavel and Shafiq have one room and Ryan and Sparsh have the other. Everyone gets better after a year. However, from the beginning of the new year, the landlord gave them a notice to increase the rent. Again, together you have to increase two thousand rupees and pay ten thousand rupees.

No! Money is going beyond the budget limit. So everyone decided to take another roommate. Eventually they got Himel.

In this way, three years of these five have passed together. They help and support each other in times of danger from each other's advantages and disadvantages. One day a week, everyone goes out for a walk together. Study, work, laughter, joy, all together they were having a good day. But disaster struck last month. The landlord told the Ryan to vacate the flat. His nephew will come from America and will stay in this flat permanently.

The Ryan-Spurs have been forced to go in search of a new home since the first week of last month. The house you go to see, "Bachelors will not be rented a house" is disappointed to come out. Finally, Ryan's 27th date last month, which means everyone finds a home four days ago. When Ryan saw a two-late sign hanging on the gate of the house next to the house where Ryan was tutoring, Ryan told his student's mother that he was embarrassed to find their home. The lady's husband is a local in the area. It can also be said to be influential. He took Ryan with him to show him the house.

Ryan likes home very much. What I like most is the rent of this house. The ground floor of the two-storey house located on the side of the main road in Madhya Paikpara will be rented. The rent of the whole flat is only seven thousand rupees. No more costs. So Ryan sat down at the landlord's house and called the other four. Everyone is very happy to come and see the flat. Happy to have a golden deer. They immediately pay one month's rent in advance.

Busy making tea in the touch kitchen. And Ryan is standing in front of the mirror, combing his hair. Suddenly Ryan looked in the mirror and saw the boy behind him last night, staring out of the window with a smiling face. Ryan's hand stopped. She is looking at the boy with wide eyes. Ryan stared back at the window. No one is out the window. He looked back in the mirror. What he saw this time, his whole body was about to freeze. A cold current flowed down his spine. Ryan saw the boy still standing outside the window last night. But in the eyes of the boy, this time it is a combination of hatred and anger. One of the boy's eyes is dripping down his cheek. It was as if someone had stabbed the boy in the eye. The boy is licking it again with his tongue. Ryan this time failed to maintain a courageous attitude. The comb fell from his hand to the ground. Ryan hid his face in his hands and shouted "Touch" in his own voice. Touch came running from the kitchen. Pavel got up from his meal. Shafiq also came out of the bathroom with a towel. Curiosity is evident in everyone's face. No one had ever seen Ryan scream like that before.

"Kiri! What happened to Ryan?" Touch wanted to know. Everyone grabbed Ryan and put him in the chair. Ryan still can't open his eyes. He is full of fear. Ryan opened his eyes and looked out the window at the first shout and shout. No one is out the window.

"Hey brother, tell me what happened?" Shafiq asked.

"Touch, touch that boy!" Ryan stammered.

"Which boy?" Touch wanted to know with curiosity.

"Hey, boy, the boy I saw on the roof last night. He was standing outside this window a little while ago."

Touch's eyes widened. A glimmer of fear returned to his eyes. After swallowing, he said, "What do you say?"

"Yeah. But today the boy wasn't as normal as last night. Oops, what a horror!" Ryan was startled. Touching the moment of touch, he told Ryan to give up,

"Where? There's no one outside the window. Ryan, you were probably a little scared last night. Get the boy out of your head. Don't worry about him. See, nothing like that will happen."

"That guy, whose son, what happened, tell us too. I don't know anything. I don't understand anything. The head is going over my head. What happened last night?" Pavel looked curiously and wanted to know.

"Ryan, you tell them both. I'll get the tea out of the stove." Touch went to the kitchen. Ryan began to tell Pavel and Shafiq the details of last night's incident. Hearing all this, their eyes widened. Surprised, Shafiq said, "Strange thing."

At that moment, the sky screamed for one touch. As well as the sound of any utensils falling into the kitchen. Terrified, the three of them quickly came to the kitchen and saw that the sky was breaking in everyone's head.

Let's go .....!


Thanks for reading..

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Written by   92
1 year ago
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Very extraordinary article. Thank you.

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At that moment, the sky screamed for one touch. As well as the sound of any utensils falling into the kitchen

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I like your post and so long your story

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Hello friend, I'm fine. I hope you're fine too. I don't like your story. Why don't you write a lot of beautiful articles. I am fascinated to read it.

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