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Person Of Interest (series)

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1 month ago

Hello Friends. How are you?

Good morning.

I am sharing you about a movie.

Person Of Interest (series)

Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Sci-fi, Crime.

IMDb: 8.4

Rotten Tomatoes: 92% 8.6

Google users: 93%

* No Spoilers *

Christopher Nolan More or less everyone knows him, for his extraordinary direction. Who has not heard the names of the dark night, dark night rises, memento, the prestige, interstellar movies directed by him ?! But good script first then good direction. Many people may not know that his brother Jonathan Nolan was behind these famous movies as a screen writer ,, !! Jonathan Nolan is also behind another twisted series called Westworld. By now you may have realized how perfect these Nolan brothers are for putting up shelves.

The reason for saying these extra words is that Jonathan Nolan is the screen writer, creator of our today's series #Person Of Interest #.

Let's get to the basics this time

This dialogue "you are being watched" will be memorized for life.

An ex CIA (John) operative and a mysterious rich billionaire (Harold) computer programmer. He created a program called The Machine. This machine can predict potential violence crimes using camera resources all over the world. Behind all the laws they act as vigilantes, helping ordinary people. John or The man in the suit is on the police's most wanted list. Later though some more extraordinary characters are added to them.

Surely everything is understood.

Isn't it very simple?


I can't say without spoiling you can't even imagine what is waiting in this series. Action, thriller, mystery, drama, no emotion.!? Fast speedy every season. There are a lot of series that go bad after the first few seasons are good, but I can guarantee that you will not be able to say this in 5 seasons of this series. It was even one of the best finale I saw. Many have not heard the name but after watching it everyone thinks it is one of the most underrated series ever (Trust me, u will think too).

One twist after another and head-nosed plot will not let you sit leaning on the chair. All those characters who will want to kill after seeing him, will fall in love with him again at the last moment. Great all the villains and casting. You can't easily forget the names of some of the characters. If you like Lady Action, there is no question. Great score or background music

Now the question is, will this unimaginable khamatadhara machine be able to protect them? Or will there be more machines than that? What if he is in the hands of bad people or if he himself is bad? What will be the government's own ability? What is the role of police or law here? I want to spoil everything.

If you can do the challenge, watch a season and skip the series. Or watch an episode. If you are not a fan then tell me. And season 5 is the sympathy for the action thriller lover who will not watch.

There was an invitation for something a little different. I promise you will not be disappointed, no matter what kind of audience you are. I have seen many series, personally many of my favorites and loved ones are involved in this series. In my opinion such stories do not come every year.

Thank you for supporting me.. I hope you watch it..

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Written by   91
1 month ago
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tumi ai to better better post kothay paw. aigula ki copy Kora naki.. nijei lekho... comment kore aktu janaw... Tumi o onk earn koro.. but amr to earn e hoi nah... prosess ta bolo

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