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I like writing a article

-I'm in a military camp (there was) Emun Kuno Maiya Minus will not come to this place Before the sun sinks, you will go out with the sin of your stomach.

Jamir Ali speaks to Ayesha Akhter on behalf of the village heads of Bhubanpur in front of everyone in the village. Ayesha fixed her gaze on the faces of the village chiefs. While in the military camp, he saw some of them so he could recognize their appearance. They often went to the camp with the news of the freedom fighters.

Ayesha wanted to shout,

- I did not go to the Pakistani military on purpose. Jamir Ali, you gave me my house. They shouted at the military vehicle. How do you get me out of this Geram Theikya that is free instead of my honor? Razakar's baicha.

But alas! He couldn't say anything. He does not have a face to say. Ayesha was in a military camp for six months. During this time, the hyenas ate his body every day. As a result, a future life is slowly growing in her womb today. The shelter found out while he was undergoing treatment. When he returned home after a nightmare, his family refused to take him back home.

The ground beneath Ayesha's feet was removed only when she was released from the camp and returned home after some recovery. Her husband is preparing for a second marriage. Because it is not possible to build a house with Kalankini's wife. No matter what, she is a heroine.

So Ayesha came to the head of the area with the trial. But there was also frustration. On the contrary, he was sentenced to leave the village.

Ayesha felt dizzy after hearing the verdict.

As soon as a girl ran to catch Ayesha, Jamir Ali got up with a shout,

-Stay away, stupid Maiya Manu! This is a worm of hell! If you touch this nastare, you and your house will be surrounded by everyone.

Hearing the roar, the girl backed away ten feet in fear.

Where Ayesha has no place, how will her unborn child get a place? Again, a child who has no specific paternal identity.

- The incident took place in 1982.

An innocent sixteen or seventeen year old woman was drowning in darkness about the future of herself and her unborn child. Can you tell what happened to that heroine named Ayesha Akhter?

Ankur Mahmud is quite surprised to hear the story of the war of independence in the face of the person who was caught as the accused in the double murder. Criminals or innocents all say the same thing at this time,

- Believe me, I didn't do anything wrong.

But this lady is surprised to hear and is immediately fascinated by the shoot. And this woman is telling the story so beautifully that Ankur feels like the whole thing is happening right in front of her eyes. I want to hear what happened to Ayesha before the investigation of this first murder. So the emotion tends to shoot,

-What happened?

Laughing like a cunning wolf, the woman says,

- He's a good law enforcer like you. If you can't memorize the history of the country and the history of the freedom fighters, you can't get a government job. So you tell me what happened to a heroine like Ayesha? And now what is happening in your golden Bengal?

No one in the interrogation room understood the meaning of the woman's heyday and laughter. Ankur Nehati asks curiously,

- Speak clearly what you mean.

The lady with deep black eyes like a lake casts a fixed poisonous gaze towards the shoot. Despite being a brave policeman, the accused, who was sitting in front of him, froze at the strange sight.

The woman said in a hoarse voice,

- I am clearly saying that even after fifty-nine years of independence, women between the ages of seven months and seventy are raped in that country. In a country where only protests are made on Facebook instead of punishment, you are accusing an innocent person like me of murder. What's new? Tell me the truth, who is trying to trap me by taking money from me?

A female officer angrily slapped her cheek and said,


- Nafisa! Take care of yourself. Who told you to put your hand on your body?

Nafisa was threatened to shoot.

This woman has been feeling unbearable since the beginning of Nafisa. The first reason is the unbearable form of the woman and the second is the personality. I mean, the accused of murder must see this strange woman!

Too beautiful, like a witch in a Hollywood movie. There is only the hat on the head.

Uh unbearable!

You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? Long black hair up to the waist, fair cheeks, eyes like a black deer. Nafisa wonders how she is sitting in this black dress in such heat? On top of that, she doesn't seem to be so tidy, she is in remand, but she seems to be the princess of a fairytale kingdom and now she is sitting in her own royal court. Nafisa has assumed that the witch knows black magic. And he has come to trap the shoot by showing his form. Although she is not a male shooter, Nafisa is fascinated by her confidence and personality as a girl. Does it mean that if there is a charming expression, the story can be told to the officer in remand after being arrested for murder? And everyone present was eager to hear what he had to say. Nah Nafisa couldn't think anymore so she slapped him. But at the threat of a shoot, he muttered,

-I am sorry sir. Actually she is insulting you.

He stopped the gesture and called the shoot,

- I'm so sorry. In fact, Nafisa warms her head ..

The lady straightens her hair, which has been shattered by the slap, and puts her hand on her cheek, and says in a calm voice,

- Come on! You should get sad. However, not to remand me without a warrant or to lay a hand on me, but because the female police officer of your police station can not speak Bengali yet. It is really sad that he cannot speak Bengali from home but I can't speak Bengali properly even after spending ten years in a country like America.

Before Ankur could say anything, another officer came and said that the accused's lawyer had brought bail.

The woman smiles like a devil and tells Ankur,

- That's when I told you it's beyond your power to keep me in the police station for over an hour. I wasted my time in the middle. Had to go to an important place. I suggest you don't do this in the future. Try to find out the truth against me; Who knows, maybe I will testify against myself.

Before he left, he hugged Nafisa and whispered in her ear,

-You reminded me of my English medium school days. Satisfied with my good behavior, everyone at school called me Bitch.

Nafisa stood stupidly. When he left, Nafisa hit the ground with her foot and shouted,

- Brainstorm! Crazy! Bitch!

Ankur laughs at Nafisa's anger and says,

-I agree she is. However, it is normal for the sole heir of Rs 30,000 crore to have a mind.

Everyone in the room said in amazement,

-Thirty thousand crores!

The shooter shook his head and said,

-Hmm. The name of the decent woman is Jannatul bint Aziz Mukti. Potential owner of Aziz Group of Industries.

An officer says,

-So he's suing his father for all the property? A few days ago, the news was quite viral on Facebook.

Shoot shook his head

-Hmm, that's it. She had been abroad for the last ten years and returned home after hearing the news of her mother's accident. Everyone thought that the death of the mother would be broken in mourning but the case started before the mother was buried.

Nafisa says angrily,

-I am absolutely right. She is a bitch. This means that after the death of a mother, a girl files a case excluding prayers and darud for property.

Ankur laughs a little and says,

-Who knows what he really is? However, he is currently the main accused in the twin murders. An uncle and cousin of the two main partners in his property were killed yesterday. But the strange thing is that I did not get a warrant to arrest him as the main accused. So I brought it up after discussing with Mr. IG. But the profit is not the emphasis of money. I could not keep him in the police station for even an hour. And he was so cunning that he didn't even utter a word about the murder.

Nafisa tries to comfort,

- Don't worry, sir. Sin does not leave the father. If you keep trying I'm sure this devil woman can't survive.

Shoot says firmly,

- You're right. I will not give up so easily. I will punish the culprit for murder. The biggest thing is to find out the cause of the crime. Why did someone kill so brutally?

- That's what he said. I was vomiting when I saw the two bodies. Skinning of the whole body. How much hatred can you think of killing someone like this?

-Hmm, we have to find out the reason for this hatred. Let's get to work. Find out more about Nafisa Mukti and her family. Let me know every information. If you don't get it on the phone, message or WhatsApp. I will keep an eye on the release. Immediately after his arrest, IG Sir called a lot of high profile cases, so it is necessary to investigate very quickly and confidentially. Nafisa do another thing for me. Find out if you can find a heroine named Ayesha.

Nafisa says a little annoyed and surprised

- Sir, why are you taking that girl so seriously?

-Because my mind says this case is similar to the story he told.

Then Ankut's phone rang. The face becomes dark just to receive.

Anamnei says,

- Where are you going without going to your own house?

Then, as he prepares to leave, Nafisa asks,

- What happened?

Anxious, Ankur says,

- The case is not as easy as I thought. Do what I tell you.

Then he goes out.



-What a cruel destiny! Don't look at my name being released but still I was somehow imprisoned for ten years. You know, the first name that came to mind when you set foot on the soil of the country is Nilay. I wanted to run and come to you but I couldn't because you wrapped yourself up ten years ago. It is unimaginable that it would be so difficult to find anyone even in this age of the internet.

The young man standing in front grabbed Mukti tightly and started crying saying the words in one breath. But without getting any response from the young man, he controlled himself a little and looked at Mukti Nilay with inquisitive eyes.

Nilay has changed a lot in ten years. Now he is no longer that stupid boy in a light-skinned school. Today, he is a handsome, attractive man. Such a height is such a structure. Strict personality is also being expressed in appearance. Although it was not a matter of love as a teenager, Mukti was sure to be wounded in Nilay's handsome face today.

Mukti thought that Nilay would not be able to bear her tears, maybe she would hug him emotionally or wipe away the tears with her chin. Touching his forehead with his lips, he would pull Mukti to his wide chest. Ten years of accumulation will calm the flames of sorrow. But he did nothing. The young man with the blue eyes seems to have lost all his tenderness over time.

Nilay removes his hand.

Hard and firm

- Get out. Otherwise I will be forced to push my neck out.

No one can accept the bitter fruit of his own waiting. The same has happened in the case of release. Nilay's harshness did not suddenly fall on his eyes. He thought maybe Nilay didn't recognize him. That's what he says.

So he shook the blue arm with both hands and said,

- I .. I'm free, you don't recognize me?

Exceeding himself, Nilay smiles with contempt and says,

- No matter how hard a person tries, he can never be free from the shadow of his disgusting past. You are my past, so I recognized you as soon as I saw you. But now I will not make the same mistake as in the past. Because you are still what you were ten years ago. Beautiful on the outside and ugly on the inside. A hell of a worm!

Hell_ insect episode: 1

Written by (Nosrat Monisha)

How was the beginning of the story? Which character are you most interested in learning about? Please comment.

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Written by   92
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