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2 years ago

Every kid has its own dream and goals in life, and you what are you up to?

Dreams can sometimes came true if we struggled for it. My simple dreams when I was a kid was to become a teacher someday, but sad to say I choose to work after finishing my high school studies due to financial problem. And when I started working I enjoy my life and I know its the proper way, you need to enjoy when you are working to have a good environment and light ambiance. I worked for 13years as a local factory worker, and 3years OFW(factory worker) but still im a poor one, coz I never set a goal in life.

Early this year I met BCH through and I dont know what came to my mind that I set so many goals in life once I reach 1BCH, and my target to reach that goal is within this year, I know its impossible but Im hopeful.


1- pay the money I borrow to a friend worth 9000 peso or 200$

2-get the pawn gold bracelet from the pawnshop its worth 7000peso or 156$

3- for the house repair in bicol worth 20,000 or 445$

Thats my goal in joining the platform, so I take the site seriously, the enjoyment is the second to the list, as you can see in my list, nothing for my baby, coz I really prioritize what is badly needed,especially the money I borrowed from a friend its been a year since I got that money and its always in my mind, on how to pay it, (actually im not fond of borrowing money if not for emergency used). Now its been 2days that I never recieved single amount from the platforms I dont know if I can reach my goal, but im still hopeful that tomorrow is a great day to continue my goals,though struggling is really needed but I know it will bring happiness once I reach my goals.


1- Determination



4- positive mind

I know for everyone this might be an impossible goal but for me I know it will be possible, just trust our instincts and have faith in God.

Ps: sorry if wrong grammar and not suits your taste as a writer but I m trying my best to be a better one.


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