Tourism Industry of Bangladesh (part-2)

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*Problems of Bangladesh Tourism Industry:

The tourism industry, a major regulator of Bangladesh's economy, is plagued with various problems. Due to various reasons, the tourism industry is not developing properly in Bangladesh.

The problems of the tourism industry in Bangladesh are-

1) Political Instability: Political instability in Bangladesh is the biggest threat to the tourism industry. Due to the heated political arena in Bangladesh at different times, the development of the country's tourism industry was hampered.

2) Communication and infrastructural problems: Just like the lack of comfortable communication system like going to tourist centers, the accommodation system there is also not good. So even though the tourist centers are attractive, the tourists lose interest in going.

3) Lack of attractive publicity: Attractive publicity about the beauty of tourist centers is not run. As a result, beauty-thirsty people do not know about these interesting places.

4) Lack of skilled guides: There is a great lack of skilled guides in Bangladesh to guide foreign tourists to the history and heritage of the tourist center. The more the number of interpreter guides can be increased, the more foreign tourists will come to Bangladesh.

5) Lack of government initiative: The government of Bangladesh has always neglected an important sector like tourism. Ensuring the management and safety of tourist centers was supposed to be on the government's priority list, but it was not possible even after 43 years of independence.

6) Lack of private enterprise: There are very few private entrepreneurs in Bangladesh who pay attention to the tourism industry. The tourism industry has flourished in almost all the countries through the initiatives of the private entrepreneurs of that country. But Bangladeshi entrepreneurs do not want to invest in the tourism sector due to lack of conducive environment and guaranteed security.

7) Lack of adequate and advanced training: In order to attract tourists again and again, all the officials and employees associated with the tourist center need to be given advanced and adequate training. Such arrangements are very limited in Bangladesh.

8) Lack of security: Lack of security is observed in the tourism industry of Bangladesh. The news in the newspapers is that foreigners are being deceived or suffering in various ways. Foreigners often do not come to Bangladesh due to lack of full security in tourist centers.

*Things to do for the development of the tourism industry in Bangladesh:

The prosperity of the tourism industry is necessary to maintain the continuity of the pace of development of Bangladesh.

In addition to raising awareness, the following steps can be taken-

1) Tourism policy must be implemented properly.

2) It is necessary to establish a communication system that is easily accessible to the tourist centers.

3) Arrangements should be made so that foreign tourists can stay without any worries.

4) Extensive mass education on tourism and school-college students should be taught about tourism.

5) Skilled Tourist Guide should be developed by providing necessary training.

6) The risk of the transport sector must be reduced. So that domestic and foreign tourists can reach the tourist center by plane, launch, bus or other vehicles without any hassle.

7) Public-private joint ventures should make the tourist centers attractive.

8) To attract tourists by presenting the natural scenery of Bangladesh through publicity.

9) Above all, we have to ensure political stability by maintaining law and order in the country.

In order to strengthen the economic sector of Bangladesh, emphasis should be laid on the tourism industry. It has to be built on a strong foundation by removing the obstacles in the way of development of this industry. This requires effective initiatives, sound management and sincere efforts. The development of this industry is not only for economic gain but also for the image of the country. Everyone must come forward to establish tourism as one of the sectors for earning foreign exchange by creating a conducive environment.

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