Role of Bangladesh Army

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Although various Bangladeshi forces have participated in UN peacekeeping operations, the role of the Army is major. The motto of the Bangladesh Army is 'We are in peace, we are in war, we are everywhere in the country'. But looking at the contribution of Bangladesh Army in the international mission, it seems that all the countries of the world are the own country of Bengali Army. Their job is to maintain peace and security in all countries. That is why Bangladesh is currently the largest troop contributor to the peacekeeping force.

The following is a description of the notable activities of the Bangladesh Army in various UN activities-

*Ensuring Security:

As a member of the peacekeeping force, VIPs, VVIPs of different countries maintain and transport government goods and provide security to the lives and property of the general public. The Bangladesh Army is carrying out this task efficiently by facing the challenges of various terrorist forces.

*Military Observer:

After the signing of the peace agreement between the conflicting parties, the peacekeeping force monitors whether it is being implemented properly, whether peace is being violated anywhere, or whether a situation is being created that threatens peace. In Liberia, Lebanon, Congo, Sudan, Ivory Coast, etc., the Bangladesh Army has performed and is performing this duty with great reputation.

*Weapons, ammunition and mines recovered:

Weapons and landmines scattered across the country pose a threat to peace in war-torn countries. Numerous innocent people lost their lives due to landmines. The Bangladesh Army continues to play an important role in recovering illegal weapons and landmines.

*Maintaining law and order:

The mission works mainly to remove unrest and chaos in conflict-ridden areas. One of the tasks of this force is to bring order to the conflict-ridden, chaotic areas. To assist the forces of the country concerned in this task. Members of the Bangladesh Army have a reputation for maintaining law and order in East Timor, Congo, Sudan, Liberia, Haiti and other countries.

*Establishing and maintaining peace:

UN forces work to bring peace to war-torn areas. In this case, the mission took initiative to establish peace by balancing the interests of all the conflicting groups, parties and factions. The Bangladesh Army has succeeded in this by applying innovative tactics. The army has played a major role in resolving long-running land disputes in the village of Dunkapansu in Libraria County.

*Assisting in conducting elections:

Peacekeepers play an important role in establishing democracy through peaceful elections in different countries. The Bangladesh Army has shown efficiency in conducting elections.

*Providing Humanitarian Assistance:

The Bangladesh Army has a reputation for providing economic assistance to war-torn countries, providing humanitarian assistance to refugees and asylum seekers, and providing medical care. Bangladesh Medical Units carry a large quantity of medicines and other medical supplies for the people of each working country. The medical contingent of the Bangladesh Army also arranges training for local health workers.

*Providing vocational training to the local youth:

The Bengali soldiers working in the mission provide vocational training to the local youth of different countries. In addition to maintaining peace, such activities work to establish lasting peace. A trained team of Bangladesh Army imparts hands-on education to the local youth on masonry, brick making, tailoring, embroidery, carpentry, electrical work, computers, advanced agricultural farming methods etc.

*Infrastructure Development:

Bangladesh Army plays a role in reforming and developing the basic infrastructure of different countries.

*Recognition of the contribution of the Bangladesh Army:

The United Nations has recognized the contribution of the Bangladesh Army in the UN peacekeeping mission. Many members of the Bangladesh Army have been awarded various honors in recognition of their significant contributions. The UN Secretary General praised the Bangladesh Army.

Thankfully, Sierra Leone has given Bengali the status of one of the state languages, Liberia has named a street Bangladesh Street. Even greater recognition and acceptance is the smiles and love of ordinary people in war-torn countries.

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