Moral education and values (part-2)

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*Reasons for decay:

No one in the world is born a sinner or a criminal. Man's surroundings or social system make him good or bad. The reasons for the decline of human moral values ​​can therefore be considered from two perspectives - firstly the environmental and social factors, secondly the economic factors.

*Surrounding or social factors:

One person is easily influenced by another when they go together. And that is why some people fall into dishonesty and abandon its principles, morals and values. In many cases young people or teenagers are addicted to drugs at the instigation of another friend. Some are again involved in robberies and other crimes. Conflicting family environments and values ​​are one of the reasons for the decline. Negative attitudes of family members, lack of principles, disrespect for values ​​cause adverse reactions among people. As a result, the individual does not learn morals and values ​​from the family. And he loses what is innate. Many times man's ambition, ambition degrades his moral values. When people go astray in the hope of more happiness and luxurious life, they forget the values. In addition, illiteracy, the crisis of education and the lack of adequate opportunities for morality and values ​​in the education system also lead to the erosion of values. A man who is truly financially upset cannot be firm in his principles and values. Because poverty sometimes confuses people. In order to alleviate their misery, to get rid of the curse of poverty, people often choose the wrong path. He forgets his principles and values. In our country, there is no practice of accountability for various economic activities at the state level. As a result, from our bureaucrats to the members of the cabinet, they are abusing the values ​​with their thumbs.

*Moral education and values ​​to prevent decay:

In order to stop this ongoing decay, first of all, the practice of moral education and values ​​is needed. A person who has moral education, respect for values, refrains from all crimes. Rather, he stands up against unjust injustice. For a person who does not have moral education, who does not understand the meaning of values, these are just 'biblical words', he does not know how to value them. Therefore, both moral education and the practice of values ​​are essential to prevent decay.

*Need for moral education and values:

Moral education and values ​​are needed not only to prevent decay but also to make life beautiful. A person educated in moral education is steadfast in his principles, has faith in values. Moral education and values ​​make a person a right and pure person at the individual level as well as a good citizen at the state level. Because of having moral education and values, man fulfills all the duties towards himself, his family, society and the state. A person educated in moral education encourages others to be ethical, to show respect for values. He who has moral education does not commit wrongdoing for the sake of his surroundings. Rather, he strives to uphold morality and values.

*What to do to acquire moral education and values:

The first educational institution of a person is his family. So moral education and values ​​education also started in the family. The family should give moral education and social values ​​to their child. Families should give religious education to children. Because religion teaches morality, teaches values. In our existing education system and religious education system, the curriculum should have useful content for teaching morality and values. Attempts to blindly imitate the culture of others must be consciously avoided. We learn a lot from the media. Therefore, the media should promote issues from which people can learn moral values ​​and learn about values. In order to spread moral education and awaken values ​​among the people, various steps have to be taken and implemented in public and private initiatives and every person has to be aware of himself.

The ethics and values ​​of a nation highlight the socio-cultural nature and position of that nation. The more morally educated a nation is and the more respectful it is of its own values, the more cohesive it is. Morality and values ​​lead people on the path of justice and welfare. It keeps people away from doing injustice. The person who is educated in moral education, the person who respects his own values ​​is always flawless.

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