Jute is the main crop of Bangladesh (part-3)

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*Potential of jute industry in Bangladesh:

Jute produced in Bangladesh is the best in the world. Bangladesh has huge potential for development through the development of jute industry. At present Bangladesh has taken initiative to innovate and produce all new jute products keeping in line with the international demand.

These are described below-

- Several factories have been set up in Bangladesh for making jute carpets. Various projects have been undertaken to increase the production and quality of jute carpets.

- Various steps have been taken to make paper from jute which, if implemented, is likely to reduce the existing losses in the jute industry many times over.

- Fashion designers of the country are creating beautiful designs on jute bags, sacks and other products that are attracting people to use them.

- At the root of the potential of jute is its versatile chemical properties. Things made of jute can be used repeatedly. Such as sacks, sacks, carpets, ropes, bags etc.

- The invention of jute blankets, curtain fabrics, thin yarns, etc. has resulted in huge economic potential for jute.

*Discovering the mystery of jute birth and opening new doors of possibilities:

All the characteristics of plants such as seed quality, nutrition, fiber, production, disease resistance are all recorded in the genome. If this information is revealed, it is possible to improve the yield of the concerned plants. Recently, the secret of jute life in Bangladesh has been revealed. Jute life mystery scientist said. Maksudul Alam said, this success will take Bangladesh to the center of the world jute industry. According to him, in the next five years, Bangladesh will be able to develop improved varieties of jute seeds. Officially, the genome sequence of jute will bring a huge opportunity for Bangladesh to develop the length, color and special qualities of jute fiber. As a result, the technology of high yielding, salt tolerant and insect resistant jute cultivation will come under the control of Bangladesh. In this way Bangladesh will get back its old tradition.

Jute industry is a blessing in a developing country like Bangladesh. But due to various limitations, Bangladesh is not able to take advantage of this huge opportunity. However, the potential that has emerged in the jute industry as a result of various initiatives is very promising. If we can harness the jute industry through the use of advanced technology in line with the world market, our standard of living will improve, and the industry will regain its lost heritage.

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