Fisheries Resources of Bangladesh (part-2)

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*Importance of fisheries resources in the economy of Bangladesh:

Fisheries resources are one of the most important resources of Bangladesh. The contribution of fisheries resources to the total national production of the country is about 5 percent. 4.38% in terms of export earnings.

The importance of fisheries resources is highlighted below-

*Fish as food:

It is called Bengali in fish and rice. Without rice and fish, our food is not satisfied. As a result, fish is in the food every day. Fish contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, mineral salts, vitamins A and D.

*Ways of making a living:

About 10% of the total population of Bangladesh directly and indirectly make a living by fishing. As a result, people are becoming self-sufficient day by day by cultivating fish.

*Industrial Ingredients:

Fish skin, bones, spines, fats etc. are used as raw materials for industry. Moreover, various medicines, varnish, glycerin, soap etc. are prepared from the oil of dolphins, sharks, turtles etc.

*Land Utilization:

Fish and paddy are cultivated simultaneously in agricultural land. Besides, reservoirs, canals, haors and baors are being brought under fish farming with care.

*Development of transport system and increase of income:

Transport system is developed to facilitate the movement of fish and fish fry from one place to another. As a result, the revenue of the transport company increases due to the marketing of goods.

*Current Status of Fisheries Resources:

Since independence, Bangladesh has earned a lot of foreign exchange by exporting fish. Quality frozen shrimp and fish products are exported from Bangladesh to other developed countries including United States, United Kingdom, Japan, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Sudan. From which Bangladesh earns a significant amount of foreign exchange.

*Problems or Deterioration of Fisheries Industry:

Fisheries resources of Bangladesh are facing various problems today.

The following are the reasons for the deterioration of fisheries resources-

- Due to the fall of char in the river, the amount of fishing area is decreasing considerably. As a result, the number of fish is decreasing.

- People are building houses by filling river canals and beels day by day. As a result, the habitat and reproduction of fish is disrupted.

- A lot of fish die as a result of using a lot of pesticides in the land.

- The river water dries up due to lack of rain in time.

- Dimwala and pona fish are being killed unplannedly from the river.

- Fish die due to contamination of water by industrial wastes.

- Many fish rot every year due to lack of necessary measures for conservation.

- Many fish are lost due to marketing difficulties.

*Steps taken for the development of fisheries resources:

Everyone needs to have goodwill for the development of fisheries resources in Bangladesh. Every year, fish farming is being severely affected due to lack of water. For this, Ganga and Teesta water sharing agreements are needed for proper water supply. Moreover, river dredging should be done to conserve water. Eggs and fry should be avoided. We have to move away from fishing with dams in the river. Air-conditioned transport should be arranged for fish conservation. Above all, it is necessary to set up necessary training centers to impart modern rules to the fish traders and to increase the number of fish experts.

*Government Efforts:

The government is making various efforts to develop fisheries resources. For this the government has set up a separate department. Moreover, fishermen are providing loans on easy terms to buy boats and nets. Large rivers, canals and beels are being settled with the fishermen through the association. Besides, cold storages and harbors have been constructed for fish conservation. Fisheries Research Center and Fisheries Training Center have been set up for the development of the fishing industry. Above all, the government is taking various measures to develop fisheries resources.

We are Bengalis in fish and rice. Therefore, in order to improve the fishery resources, it is necessary to improve these resources keeping in view not only the domestic demand but also the foreign demand. The sincere efforts of all those who need to keep the wheel of the country's economy in motion and turn the fishery resources into sustainable resources.

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