Communication system in economic development (part-2)

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*The role of other means of communication:

Our communication is not limited to the transport system. There are other means of communication that we use on a daily basis. These are revolutionizing communication. Such as electronics media. This electronic media means mobile, telephone, internet etc. As a result of using these technologies, people can take news from any part of the world at home. In addition, various media are playing an important role in our communication.

This is discussed below-

*Postal system:

Postal system is the oldest means of communication in Bangladesh. Postal service was introduced in the Indian subcontinent in 184. Bangladesh Postal Department has established communication with all the countries of the world except Israel. Post Code was introduced in 1986 to modernize the postal department. According to the 2013 Economic Survey, there are 96 post offices in Bangladesh.

*Telephone and Mobile:

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission was established on 16 April 2001. Bangladesh's first digital phone was launched on January 5, 1990. Card phones were introduced in Bangladesh on September 3, 1992 and cellular phones were introduced on August 8, 1993. There are currently 8 mobile phone companies in Bangladesh. These are Citycell, Grameenphone, Robi, Banglalink, Teletalk and Airtel. Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd., the only government mobile phone company in Bangladesh, started its journey in 2005. According to the 2013 Economic Survey, the number of phone users in Bangladesh is 9.84 crore.


In 1974, the first television station was established in Bangladesh. At present, there are 2 full-fledged government television stations and 14 sub-stations or relay stations in Bangladesh. In 2000, a privately owned TV channel called Ekushey TV was launched. However, many satellite Bangla channels are already broadcasting their programs in this country. These are- Channel I, ATN Bangla, NTV, Bangla Vision, Baishakhi etc.


In 1947, there was only one radio station in the country. At present Bangladesh Betar has 12 regional stations. Radio broadcasts programs in a number of foreign languages. These are Bengali, English, Urdu, Arabic and Nepali. There are also 12 private FM radios. Radios in rural areas play an important role in spreading their message. Weather forecasts are often given and coastal people are asked to be aware of this. In this way various improvements are made through radio.

*Earth Satellite Center:

At present, the satellite center is a powerful means of communication in the world. There are 4 earth satellite stations in Bangladesh. These are: Betbunia in Rangamati, Talibanabad satellite station in Gazipur. Mohakhali in Dhaka and Sylhet Earth Satellite Center. Among them, the Betbunia satellite ground station of Rangamati was first launched in 1985.

*Telex, fax and internet:

In the present era, it has become possible to exchange news quickly in different countries through radio waves. Faxes can be used to send words, pictures, documents, etc. to any country in the world in a matter of moments. Again, people have brought the world under their control through internet connection. On June 4, 1997, the first internet usage in Bangladesh started.

*Importance of communication system in economic development:

Communication and transportation system is said to be a prerequisite for the development of any country. The economic condition of the countries whose communication system is better is also better. The importance of communication system in the social, economic and cultural development of a country is immense. Improved communication system is required for marketing of agricultural and industrial products, movement of workers, expansion of trade and commerce. The communication system involves the question of the livelihood of a large number of people. Road communication plays a special role for rural communication. There is no alternative to maritime communication in coastal communications, disaster management, foreign trade and revenue generation. Communication is also important in newspaper exchange, administrative work and maintaining price stability, various information gathering and education.

In order to build human life beautifully, it is necessary to develop human resources and create opportunities for people. And these two issues depend on the communication system. Improved communication systems make people mobile. Since the communication system can be called the main force of development, it is necessary to coordinate the communication system for the overall development of our country.

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