Bangladesh's potential in manpower export (part-2)

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*Importance of manpower export in the economy of Bangladesh:

The importance of foreign employment in the economy of Bangladesh is immense. It is possible to improve the country by turning huge manpower into human resources.

The importance of foreign employment in the economy of Bangladesh is highlighted below-

(A) Most of the exported manpower of Bangladesh is rural people. As a result, the socio-economic development and dignity of lower and middle class families is enhanced by the remittances sent by the rural people. The capital required for employment, education of children, investment in agriculture, etc. increase and the quality of life of the people improves.

(B) Remittances from expatriates help alleviate the poverty of our rural people. As a result, rural agriculture plays a positive role in the development of education, health, culture and family members.

(C) Remittances from workers working abroad help to increase the overall investment of the country.

(D) Foreign aid and dependence on the national economy is reduced by converting a large amount of manpower into human resources and sending it abroad.

Moreover, progress can be seen in maintaining balance of import-export, increasing employment, agricultural investment etc.

*Steps taken to increase foreign employment and remittances:

The steps taken by the government to increase remittance flow and create Bangladesh's labor market abroad are highlighted below-

(A) Domestic workers are being sent to Jordan free of cost and women workers are being sent to the garment sector at a cost of Rs. 14,000.

(B) Women workers are being sent to Jordan, Hong Kong, Qatar, Bahrain through BMET and Boimel.

(C) Expatriate Welfare Bank has been set up to provide financial assistance for re-employment of workers returning from abroad.

(D) The exit process has been modernized through digital methods to reduce the bullying and deception of recruiting agencies and middlemen.

(E) Various training centers are being set up to send skilled manpower abroad.

(F) Arrangements have been made by the government to give higher status to those who send more remittances.

*Potential of Bangladesh:

Manpower export is the second largest source of foreign exchange income in the country. But there has been a downward trend in manpower exports for almost three years now. There are a number of factors involved, including the global economic downturn, a shortage of skilled workers, a halt in manpower exports to various countries, and a lack of diplomatic activity. Workers are returning to the country as a result of the recent political crisis in the Middle East and the Arab world. However, there is a need for skilled and unskilled manpower in many countries of East Asia. As a result, Bangladesh has the potential to export labor to these regions. Besides, there is a possibility of exporting manpower to African countries and European Union countries. In the 2022 World Cup host country, there is an opportunity for Bangladeshi workers to get jobs in the construction industry. It is necessary to take diplomatic efforts and effective steps to open up the labor market as a whole.

Bangladesh is a populous country. We all need to make an effort to turn this huge population into human resources. Only then will we be able to accelerate the country's economy and overcome all shortages and move forward on the path to prosperity.

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