Bangladesh's potential in manpower export (part-1)

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Manpower export is an important issue in the international economy in today's world. Because of the unequal distribution of population in different parts of the world. Many poor countries, especially Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Africa and South America, have more populations than they can afford. As a result, various problems are appearing. So there is no alternative to convert huge manpower into human resources. Initiatives were taken to export manpower from Bangladesh as a process of converting more manpower into human resources. Through which Bangladesh earns a lot of foreign exchange every year.

*Manpower Exporting Countries:

Bangladesh has manpower in many countries of the world. Every year a significant number of workers from Bangladesh go to different countries including the Middle East. However, the largest labor markets in Bangladesh are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Malaysia and Singapore. Besides Bahrain, Libya, Lebanon, R. Bangladeshi workers are also working in Korea, Mauritius, United States, United Kingdom, Italy and other countries.

*Bangladesh in Manpower Export:

Bangladesh is making great progress in manpower export day by day. Bangladesh started exporting manpower from 1986. More than 80 percent of workers abroad work in the Middle East. According to the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training (BMET), the total manpower export from 2002-2012 was about 6 million people.

*Overseas Employment and Remittances:

The recent remittances of expatriates are contributing immensely to the economic development including reduction of unemployment problem, poverty alleviation, increase of foreign exchange reserves. In 2011-12, 6.07 lakh Bangladeshis went abroad in search of work. The government has set up a specialized bank called Prabasi Kalyan Bank to provide financial assistance for foreign employment and labor export and to facilitate investment opportunities for expatriate Bangladeshis.

Although manpower exports are declining, remittance inflows are increasing. Remittances accounted for about 11.11% of GDP in 2011-12, accounting for 52.92% of total exports.

*Class Manpower Exports:

Reviewing the types of manpower exports, it is seen that less than 50 percent of the total manpower exports of low skilled manpower. At present, skilled manpower is being developed through various trainings to increase employment opportunities. As a result, various training centers and vocational educational institutions are being set up.

*Country-wise Manpower Exports and Remittances:

Most of Bangladesh's manpower is employed in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Malaysia and Singapore. He is also working in Bahrain, Qatar, Brunei, United Kingdom, United States and Italy. Bangladesh's manpower exports increased from 2 percent in 2002 to 16 percent in 2012. This proves that Bangladesh's foreign labor market is slowly expanding. The largest exporter of Bangladeshi manpower by country is 215,452 in UAE. And as a result of sending a huge amount of manpower, Bangladesh earns a lot of foreign exchange. As a result, the per capita income and standard of living of the people of Bangladesh is constantly improving.

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