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DIY hair mask for glowing hair..!!

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2 years ago

The weather is changing now, and almost everyone have different problems with their hair. Some have hair falling issue whereas others have frizzy hair issue. I was also dealing with hairfall for a long them and one day i mixed few ingredients, applied them on my hair and i was happy to see a great change after first wash.

For This Mask You Need:

2 tpsp of mayyoniase.

half crushed banana

1 teaspoon of honey

2 teaspoons of any hair oil that you use.

Egg white.

1 vitamin E capsule.


Mix all these ingredients and blend them well so that the whole mixture looks like a creamy paste. Apply it on your dry hair. Cover your head with shower cap(Not mandatory). Wash your hair after one hour. Let your hair get dry and then comb your hair. You hair will look shiny and silky and your hairfall will get reduced after 3 4 uses.

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Every one wants to look handsome. Hairs take part in our beauty.

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2 years ago