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Beautiful discussion between teacher and student

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2 years ago

Teacher: What would you do if you had Rs. 86,400 and a robber snatched 10 of them and ran away? 

* Would you run after him and try to get back your stolen 10 rupees ?? Or will you keep your remaining Rs 86,390 safe on your way?

Students said: We will continue on our way safely with the rest of our money, ignoring the meager amount of Rs 10. 

The teacher said: Your statement and observation are not correct. I have seen that most of the people chase the dacoits in a bid to get back those 10 rupees and as a result lose the remaining Rs. 86,390. 

The students looked at the teacher in amazement. 

Huye said: Sir, this is impossible, who does that? 

The teacher said: These 86,400 are actually the seconds of our day. Based on a 10 second talk, or a 10 second outburst of anger and rage. 

By doing so, we waste the rest of our day thinking, burning, and burning. These 10 seconds waste our remaining 86,390 seconds. Learn to ignore things. 

Don't let any of your temper tantrums and resentment rob you of the power of your whole day. Forgive, forget and move on .... !! ❤️ * Always share happiness * ​Image source​​​❤️

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