5 Minutes That Can Change Your Life. Small Steps With Big Impact

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Life goes on whether you care about yourself or not. Whatever your activity, you need time to spend. Therefore, whether you agree or not, the biggest investment of your life is not in the form of shares in well-known companies or property with a total nominal value of billions of rupiah. But the best investment is time investment. Because he can't come back. How much time you spend in useful activities, that's how much you invest in yourself. So much as your future depends on what activities make your time run out and pass.

Unfortunately not many people think about this greatest investment. Many people who are ignorant don't care or even don't know at all. It could be that you only focus on your goals and big dreams about yourself. You aspire to be a famous artist with millions of followers. Become a state official who easily earns money. Become a director of a company with a turnover of hundreds of billions a year. You're just trying to see the big ending of your hard work. So that the results that are still far away and have not yet been achieved make it seem as if the actions you are doing now mean nothing. Just a Misfortune.

Even though the journey of thousands of kilometers begins with one small step out of the house. The book of hundreds of best-sellers starts with an opening paragraph. A well-known celebrity with millions of followers starting with the touch of a finger to create an account and hard work to build an audience. Success is not about the result but about the process. Anyone who survives the tiring and repetitive process and has the fighting power, he will soon embrace success.

Then there is one small step that can actually be your strategy in dealing with the rigors of life. Small steps that can lead you to your ultimate big goal. It is by planning and executing the next 5 minutes that you will face. You start thinking about what you want to do for the next 5 minutes. You focus on those 5 minutes. After 5 minutes is up, think again what you will do in the next 5 minutes. Do you want to continue the activity for the first 5 minutes or stop.

For example, you have decided the next 5 minutes to focus on all your college homework. So just focus on the process of doing PR. Not looking at your cellphone or social media accounts. After 5 minutes is over, ask yourself again whether the homework is finished or not? If not, do you want to continue working or take a short break?

The point is not that you just think about those 5 minutes. But it's in your own control. You program yourself. You are not programmed by other people or the media to control the way you think and move. Even if you want to open your social media account. Then you have to remember how much time you want to spend. And must feel 'enough' when time is up.


Focus on the next 5 minutes. Makes you feel there is progress. Completing light work is much easier than doing heavy work. Short-term targets are much easier to achieve than long-term targets. But by completing the short term, you can slowly achieve your long term target.

Without realizing it, just focusing on the next 5 minutes has drastically changed your life. You become a more productive person and are responsible for yourself. If you can't focus on the 5 minutes that you will face, you will never be able to focus on your goals that you want to achieve. You will never focus on your own life.

Trust me, just by focusing on the next 5 minutes, you start to take control of your life. Change does not depend on other people or the environment, but starts from within yourself.

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