The chase

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2 years ago

The endless runnings after mundane things we thought is life is not life.All my life I have always thought that money, wealth, stuffs would make my life worth living; it never did

wanna know why?

there use to be this family that live not far from us, they had everything; at least I thought they had everything, I thought so because they had everything i ever dreamt for as a child.

I mean,

They had video games,VCR,bicycle, amongst others things that meant much to me as a child.
There were days I walk past their house and would find this tormenting aroma of good food that constantly exudes from their kitchen windows as I walk by, my stomach never stops rumbling , instead it further ignites my dreams for some exotic life style someday.

Forgive my alonga (long throat)

As a child I was constantly hungry,food wasn’t always enough, my mother would say sometimes, especially in cases where there was not much food in the house eat “ thank God for the little and remember to take lots of water; it will fill up the other space in the stomach” she would say,

funny I guess.

Now I am grown and as time goes by I realize that that I have grown with the mentality of chasing after the wrong things I call life.

I soon realized that if cares not taken I will chase after things for the rest of my life without ever truly living.

I have worked as hard as I could, I have gotten all the things that I thought would make me happy, but unfortunately I am not. Life is still giving me things to chase after, the more I chase the more I see, I guess the chase never ends.

never will,

today I came to a complete realization that, until I find balance from within myself accepting whether I have or not my happiness level must be the same.

I no longer chase after things, I now find peace and happiness amongst not the things I force but the things that comes.

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