Missing rib…

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2 years ago

I was listening to one of my uncle the other day introduce his girlfriend to my parents, while he was blushing as he looks into her eyes and said “ I have found my missing rib” I became confused,

Wanna ask why?

I know you would want to know why and I will tell you, he said this about the last girl he brought home for last Christmas;now this one.


I preferred the last girl in my opinion, she was a complete work of art, no one in his right mind would have let such a pretty woman slip right out of their grip; my uncle did.

Now you know!

Then to add salt to injury he repeated the same exact lines he used while introducing that last girl ( Teniola ) 

What nonsense!

How could I forget, such  beauty and prowess, I could hardly forget all the event that happened that period, could it be that because she dazzled me with so much gifts and hugs at any interval, or was it her charming charisma that almost enveloped us all,

Where was I again?

Yes! “ missing rib” uncle Bayo’ missing ribs, without exaggeration, my uncle has brought all kinds of missing ribs to the family at any given opportunity and for me! he is beginning to sound like a broken record.


I think there is no rib missing anywhere, and because most men continue on this mundane search for what is not in them in someone else is sickness.

Someone that you barely know, and suddenly she is your missing rib, no one can complete you if you can not complete yourself.

Nothing is enough anywhere if you are not enough within thyself. When that time comes when,we begin to love ourselves enough to the point where all we want is to extend the overflow of such to the other person, if not relationships, marriages, friendships will continue to suffer and bleed.

To succeed in any relationship, first be enough, dont jump into any relationship because you looking for something in someone else that you don’t have.


We must begin to change our perspectives on how we look at our partners and the kind of roles we want them to play in our lives.

Most people go through a lot these days in their relationships, and why? because they want to be what the other person wants.

That’s not healthy,

A relationship should be both parties coming together not because one is incomplete but because both party are prepared to witness the overflow of each other’s love and affections.

Not like my crazy uncle that is busy looking for a missing rib that is not missing anywhere.

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2 years ago


We should be content of what our partner have. They are special. Let us stop seeking for the missing part. It will never help. Just love.

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2 years ago