Life is journey…

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2 years ago

On my way to work this morning I saw a bus, and on the back glass of the bus was boldly written “ Life is a journey not a destination, so get in the bus” well! The first sentence made so much sense to me, as I continue to wonder about the immediate reality of that sentence.

Deep 🤔 

I think most people think this life is a destination and that’s why they struggle to truly live, instead of living they just survive. Many people around the world today have their eyes fixed so much on where they want to be rather than make the best of where they are.

I hope you see my point?

“ I am not suppose to be here” but you are my friend;  so enjoy and make the best of it. “I want my own place, I don’t like this rented apartment “ this is what you have now enjoy it as if it were your own.

“I hate this car I need a new one” my friend enjoy this one and ride it like it’s a new one,another will come eventually.

Personally, I think it’s ok to be ambitious, what is not ok is to be over ambitious. You don’t have much now,you have just little, enjoy that little like it’s so much.

“Life is what you live now; as you wait for other things to come”. The life is now my friend,don’t wait until tomorrow before you begin to live it. Don’t wait until you have much before you can be happy. 

Hope you understand,

I try as much as I can to tie my joy to the best gifts that life has given to us free, not money or things; but all the things that God has given to me for free. 

Try to over come the temptations of building your happiness around things that money can buy,if not life will continue to give you things to chase after for the rest of your LIFE.

Always remember that your life is a journey; not a destination.

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