Humanity vs AI

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2 years ago

Whether you agree or not, whether you accept or not, whether you think of it or not, this is a problem, perhaps a cancer that has come to stay and it’s eating us all at the same time,

You probably wondering what this guy is talking about right? 

Well, I’m going tell you, I’m going to tell you how everyday humanity is dying and no one seems to give a shit. Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to have everyone in its little fat pocket. 


No one seems to care anymore as we are all together yet alone. I can not begin to emphasize that our individual lifestyle is been run by one piece of technology or the other. As a matter of fact, 75-85 percent of our daily lives is run by one piece of technology or the other.

Yeah! I know, they piece wares are suppose to make our lives better but, are we really better? A lot of things are going wrong with us as human beings,

worst, none of us is bold enough to point a finger to this formidable problem. Most of us completely live our lives on the virtual these days,

From making friends online to buying stuffs online, to having intimate affairs online to ordering foods online,no need for televisions these days, they are just there for decoration and after all, we have Netflix on our phones.

Everything is going wrong, our moral values, values for human lives has become so low to the point where people take one another’s feelings for granted,

Wanna know why?

We are all guilty as charged, we are all guilty of the same crime,nobody cares about humanity anymore, nobody cares if the other person is doing ok,once you have your piece of gadget with you; you suddenly find contempt.

Check out family at the dinner table and you will wonder what makes them human in the first place, perhaps the foods on the table. These days, One will sometimes find families around the table pressing one key on their phones or the other; peculiar with my family anyway.

Think about it!

You ask a brother in the church for his bible and he tells you he’s got it on his phone, eventually when he opens his phone in the church to read the word of God!


Those little distracting ads begins to pop up;now he is distracted,how can he concentrate when he is using his phone that contains all his bad habits to read the word of God.

Ironic right?

Earlier today, I witnessed an accident between a cab driver and dispatch rider, the dispatch rider was injured badly on his both legs and there he was shouting for help as he could barely move,nearly all the people there were holding their phones to record.

Record this man, this man needs an urgent medical attention yet no one could see past using their phone to record the event, only one fellow volunteered,at least one person still has some level of common sense than some others, the good things was that he go help in the end.

Don’t think the fellow who made the call to help the wounded man was me, I wasn’t. I was also among the “phone gang” covering the event.


It was my conscience that brought me to this point where I realized that my life needs to change,I guess it’s why I decided to write this piece.

I know someone or everyone can relate,

Imagine if it was a life and death situation, just imagine it; because I did and the answer I got wasn’t so good.

I think there is limit to how much AI(artificial Intelligence)can do for us as human beings, just like the saying goes “ there is no culture as old as being human” none. The only reason we can succeed is to care for one another.

One must never forget this, just because you ask him or her “how are you”? on Facebook doesn’t mean you really know how their faces look.

Just because you see me smile on my social media timeline doesn’t mean everything is ok, sometimes it’s not ok. The social media is just another way to pretend. This is why thousands and thousands of people are going through anxiety or depression everyday.

Won’t cost you much if you really check up on that family instead of just assuming that they ok. These small gadgets, phones should have limits, we don’t have to build our entire lives around this things; they should have limits to how far they can follow us on our daily routines.

Personally I prefer being around my friends physically and actively than pressing my phone, it helps my moods more than just checking on them on the phone.

I think the tendency for someone to open up about their problems face to face is more than over the phone

Don’t you think?

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