A life lesson

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2 years ago

Life is a gift whether things happen your way or they don’t; still a precious gift. Your boss is always picking on you and keeps telling you how you are not good enough to everyone, your life is still a gift.

Whether you’ve been married for years and you have been expecting the gift of a child and things don’t seem to look bright! Your life is still a gift.

what makes your life a gift is that everything drives you to your place of happiness eventually; depends on how you see it. Life will always test you before it teaches, and once you’ve learnt, the rest is easy.

I use to think that my life had no meaning until couple of months back when I started putting all the bits and pieces together. I had a very tough childhood not the regular kind. it was after a long while that I began to realized that everything that happened to me always has been part of the whole process.

brief story!

I lost my dad when I was 9 had to stay with my aunt that was so tough on me, I didn’t get all the reasons for the toughness until now, it occurred to me that all that time for 24 years life was teaching me all the lessons that I would need to survive.

I would walk miles to school back then, while in school I had list of groceries in my pocket that I had to get from the market; no means of transportation I walk , and while I was at it I have to get to the market in good time;if I don’t I would get some as whopping for making lunch late.

Once everyone is done with their lunch, I have to do the dishes and then move on to do the Laundry, then wait for them cloths to dry before ironing. In between I have to rush and do my assignments.

There were times I almost gave up, I mean I was young 14, with loads and loads of responsibilities. Sometimes I would iron for hours while everyone was asleep, iron until 1 am sometimes,rush to sleep and wake up at 4:30 am just to make breakfast before going to school by 7am.

life was so tough while growing up and all that made no sense to me until recently when I noticed I could almost survive in any situation I find myself, I could shoulder all sorts of responsibilities and all.

I soon realized that all that time, life was teaching me something and until that time came when I stopped seeing everything as suffering but rather as blessings, I was always missing the life’s lesson.

One thing helped me, I think it will help you too . In your daily life; whatever the situation you find yourself always ask “ God what are you trying to teach me”.

I can not say it enough the need for you to change how you see everything, how you see it will determine what you will learn and how you apply it to your daily LIFE.

I hope this has been helpful…

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