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2 years ago

I had a talk with my neighbor, oddly enough, about the largest failures in American History.

If we look at Lehman Brothers at $691 Billion, that's about as big as it gets.

However, I have one bigger. Not on the Books unless you know where to look.


P.A.R.C., Paulo Alto Research Center.

In the late 1970's they had invented the future and no one knew but them. Their board could not grasp it.

Enter Apple and Steve Jobs.

Though a friendly agreement between Xerox and Apple Computer the research team at Apple got access to everything at P.A.R.C., receiving it all...for Free.

So what? right?


The Mouse was invented at P.A.R.C.

Xerox Gave away the Mouse, what would royalties on the Mouse design be worth today? Maybe $50mil a year...$100mil?


10/100 Server based networking was invented at P.A.R.C.

ALL networking Globally is done this way today. Again, Xerox Gave this away for free.

What would the Royalties be on the aspects of networking today?

Routers, Countless LAN's that all need their own IP and routers....Billions over time.


The G.U.I.

The Graphic User Interface was invented at P.A.R.C.


Xerox could have been the Microsoft/IBM of the 1990's

Today Microsoft is valued at $1.6 Trillion and IBM $167 Billion.

Not including the Mouse royalties.


There is no bigger Failure that I can find anywhere in History that rivals Xerox lack of Vision and betrayal to their shareholders.

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2 years ago