Why the Recording Industry is Dead.

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3 years ago

Tower Records.
If you never had the chance to go though the New York, Manhattan store, you missed an experience of a life time.
The record business as a whole is something only grandpa knows of...
Not the music biz, I'm talking about making records and selling vinyl.

MC Hammer got a 70% contract with the masters...only Ray Charles was his equal to that.
Today All new talent must be selling their own music, on their own, then they will be offered a 360 deal with a 5% take...
Meaning Concerts, all vendor sales, all music sales from any source......you get 5%
You do not own your masters nor your own image or name, what ever name is used to sell the music.

World famous Actor Rap artist Ludacris...in his 2018 court filings concerning child support, he only made $68k, that, or the previous year....
This with fast 7 movies making 100's of millions.

We stopped being human at the end of the 20th century.

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